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Scheduled Jobs

Users with administrative privileges can access the Admin/Scheduled Jobs page to see all upcoming scheduled alerts, data collection, and dashboard publication, as shown in the screenshot below:


Deleting a scheduled job means cancelling that specific instance, it will not delete the schedule itself. You cannot delete KPI data collection jobs. If you want to cancel KPI data collection, remove the fields from Admin/Setup/Trend fields. See How to Set Up KPI Trend Fields for Data Collection for more information.

The Is Active column reflects whether or not the scheduled item is active. For example, you can set up a timesheet alert to fire on a regular schedule, and you can also make that schedule inactive - it still exists, and can be re-activated, but it is currently not going to fire an alert. The Scheduled Jobs page will still indicate when the next job happens, should you re-activate the schedule.

The Expiration Date reflects when the schedule ends for the item. This day may or may not correspond to the date of the last job. For example, you might have set expiration for a published dashboard for 12/31/18, which is a Monday, but the schedule is set to send on Fridays. So the last send date would be Friday 12/28.