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Planview Customer Success Center

PPM Pro Release Process

Planview is committed to delivering monthly releases that include fixes and small enhancements. In addition, we like to offer our customers early access to new features so you can provide feedback and prepare your organization for production rollout. Our goal is to move the product forward quickly, while providing a change management process that fits your organizational needs.

Our rollout plan to customers is shaped by the kind of feature we are releasing:

  • Some features are updates to existing core functionality (features that every customer has)
  • Some are updates to optional features (features that customers must ask Planview to activate)
  • Some features are brand new, and either part of the core system or optional

Delivery of a particular feature depends on its genealogy (new, update, core, optional), so you will see some fluidity in our release process. Our typical rollout strategy is:

  1. Enable in customer sandboxes. This is the beta phase and typically lasts 1-2 months. NOTE: Beta features can be enabled in Production environments by request (submit a Support ticket). Any known issues or bugs found while a feature is beta will be fixed as part of the standard development cycle.
  2. Available for production usage. This is the GA / transition phase and typically lasts 3-6 months.
  3. At the end of the transition phase, core features are enabled by default and legacy features are retired.

As part of our evolving process and desire to improve communication with our customers, we have decided to update our monthly release document. Going forward, the monthly release document includes a New Feature Matrix that provides easily digestible, salient information about features coming your way. Our intent is that you can take a glance at this matrix and decide if any of it is of immediate interest. Links to additional information are included for those who want to read more. The highlights of resolved issues will still appear at the bottom of the document.

We hope that by streamlining the document you will be able to get information more quickly and not be stuck scrolling through information that is not relevant to you. To stay current with product changes, I strongly encourage you to "Subscribe" to the Release Notes landing page.

Let us know what you think.