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Announcement: PPM Pro Inner Circles

We’re excited to announce our two PPM Pro inner circles. Inner circles are a way for our interested customers to collaborate with PPM Pro Product Management and each other, provide feedback on PPM Pro product capabilities, and guide new feature development.

The current inner circles are:

  • User Experience:  The user experience inner circle will concentrate on refining the product for all current and potential users within your organization. The members of this inner circle will be key partners in defining the core enhancements and features that will leverage the power of PPM Pro to deliver a tailored, simple experience across various user needs ranging from resource management to portfolio creation. This circle meets occasionally, usually a couple of months before a Roadmap feature is set to begin development so that the circle can review and provide feedback on requirements and design or if there is a particular topic of interest to the circle.
  • Reporting and Artifacts: The reporting and artifacts inner circle is focused on showcasing the value of the work you do everyday in PPM Pro. What can we do within our product to make it easy for you to quickly show your stakeholders, sponsors, and executive team what work is in-flight, its status, what resource commitments are in play, and what’s required to help realize your company’s goals? We’ll focus on the direction of our reporting capabilities, as well as a special focus on what artifacts you’d like to take out of the tool and incorporate into your standard workflows. This circle meets occasionally, for review and discussion of reporting, dashboard, and related feature work.
  • Tactics to Respond Quickly in Times of Change: At times you and your organization may need to re-plan and re-work existing projects, resources, and other entities in order to quickly react to changes happening to your business. You and your PMO may find yourselves asking questions such as, “How do I temporarily suspend work on this project or set of projects?", or even, “What projects should I temporarily suspend?”. The goal of this inner circle is to discuss ideas and actionable how-tos, in general and for PPM Pro. This inner circle meets monthly.

The first two of these inner circles have been running since late May 2017 and meeting periodically ever since. The last began in April 2020 and will run as long as customers find value in it. Please sign up by simply registering for the User ExperienceReporting and Artifacts, and/or Tactics to Respond Quickly in Times of Change inner circles for future meetings and current conversations.

We look forward to working with everyone who is interested in these areas!


The PPM Pro Product Management Team