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Announcement: PPM Pro Inner Circles

We’re excited to announce our three PPM Pro inner circles. Inner circles are a way for our interested customers to collaborate with PPM Pro Product Management and each other, provide feedback on PPM Pro product capabilities, and guide new feature development.

The current inner circles are:

  • User Experience:  The members of this inner circle help define and refine the core enhancements and features in PPM Pro. This circle meets occasionally throughout the year, usually a month or so before a Roadmap feature is set to begin development so that the circle can review and provide feedback on requirements and design before development begins.
  • PPM Pro Working Sessions: The purpose of PPM Pro Working Sessions is to provide an opportunity for discussion, questions, and answers amongst our Planview PPM Pro customers and product team for feature usage and best practices. Our circle meets every one to two months, with the topic for each month decided at the previous meeting. For example in past meetings, we've covered topics such as best practices/deep dives on portfolios, financials, calculated fields, reports and dashboards, and others.
  • International: The PPM Pro International inner circle is specifically for our global customers who often miss out on our regular customer monthly release and bi-annual roadmap webinars due to time zone differences. Although those official webinars are recorded, watching them is not the same as actively learning about and seeing key enhancements and feature demos, as well as being able to have live questions and answers. Likewise for our quarterly roadmap webinars. This inner circle will meet on the same days as our official monthly release and roadmap webinars, but at times more convenient for Central Europe/Middle East and again for Asia/Pacific. Please join this circle if you would like to receive meeting invites to these reprises of the monthly and quarterly customer webinars held at a more convenient time for our international customers. Please note that all sessions are conducted in English.

The first of these inner circles has been running since late May 2017 and meeting periodically ever since. The Working Sessions circle began in April 2020 and the International began in March 2021. Please sign up by simply registering for the User ExperiencePPM Pro Working Sessions, and/or International inner circles for future meetings and current conversations. Please note that if you have already registered for a circle, no need to register again as you will be a member as long as the circle remains active!

We look forward to working with everyone who is interested in these areas!


The PPM Pro Product Management Team