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About Rates

There are several places in PPM Pro where rates are used. Organization roles and resources both have internal and billable rates.

  • Org Role billable rates - used to estimate revenue, used for unstaffed allocations

  • Org Role internal rates - used to calculate actual costs

  • Resource billable rates - used to calculate actual revenue, used for staffed allocation

  • Resource internal rates - applied to timesheet entries, uses to calculate actual costs

Rates are either implemented as rate tables and assigned to resources and roles, or implemented as custom rates for individual resources and roles. Note that if your organization tracks operational and capital expenses, you can set up a dual-rate system. 

Resource rates are reflected in Actual Costs (Actual Revenues are based on the allocated role billable rate of the project team member.) 

Role rates are reflected in Estimated Costs and Reve­nues.

See Setting Up Internal Rate Tables for more information.

Role Rates

Role Rates


Bill­able Rates for Roles

When creating Roles, you must assign an average billable rate. This is the base hourly rate you normally charge a client for that role's time against a project. The average billable rates from roles in Admin/Lookup Lists/Organization Roles/Values default when you assign roles to projects. You can edit these role rates on a project-by-project basis.

Inter­nal Rate for Roles

Organization roles must be assigned a default internal rate (cost). This rate is the average hourly rate a role costs your organization (average salary + overhead cost per resource role). This is sometimes called a Burdened or Fully Loaded Rate. A role's Internal Rate drives estimated costs for a task or project. For example, the role "Consult­ant" may have a default Billable Rate of $100.00, but a default Inter­nal Rate (cost) of $50.00 (average salary + overhead cost per resource role).

Using Rates When Building a Project

Roles are associated with each project when staffing the project. Make sure that you have entered the average Internal and Billable rates for the Organization roles (Admin/Organization/Roles) before setting up your projects. These rates are used when calculating cost and revenue estimates.