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Planview Customer Success Center

Directly Staffing Allocations

Some users have permission to staff an allocation themselves. These users are typically resource managers, or product managers in special circumstances. Users with the "Staff Directly" permission will see the "Staff Resource" button. You can staff a resource for an existing unstaffed role, or you can create a new allocation altogether, selecting the resource and role.

To staff an allocation

  1. Right-click an existing unstaffed allocation and select Staff Resource For this Role from the context menu. The Staff Resource dialog appears, filtered to users in your resource pool with the unstaffed allocation's role. Or, just click the Staff Resource button, and the Staff Resource dialog appears showing all resources in your resource pool, regardless of role. 


  1. Select the resource(s) you wish to staff and click the Add button to move them to the bottom pane.


  1. Fill out any allocation details, and then click Staff Selected.
  2. The resource(s) you selected will appear in the Staffing screen with a Status of Staffed.