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Planview Customer Success Center

System Requirements

Note: For the best user experience, PPM Pro strongly recommends using a supported browser. While we do not block unsupported browsers, there is no guarantee that all features will work or that performance will be acceptable. All support cases must be reproducible on a supported browser.





Chromium-based Microsoft Edge (most current version and 1 previous)

Desktop and mobile

Edge Classic is NOT supported

PPM Pro uses HTTPS to secure your data while it is being transmitted over the network. All clients must support TLS 1.2.

There are numerous browser settings that will affect your performance when using  PPM Pro application. Your experience may also be affected by various plug-ins that may be loaded in your browser as well what other desktop applications you are currently running. In general, any plug-in or application that tries to pre-process any pages you browse to will negatively affect your experience. Examples of these include running the Google desktop or numerous advertising targeting plug-ins that some sites will load. Please note, many of these plug-ins may have been loaded by sites without you even being aware of them. See also Browsers and Multiple Users.

About zooming: The UI is designed optimally for 100% zoom (actual size). You can adjust your browser zoom to fit your needs, but be aware that some UI elements might go out of alignment. The preferred way to increase/decrease font size is to use the UI display themes provided by PPM Pro under Edit Preferences/Theme.


FireFox (most current version and 1 previous)

Desktop only

Firefox settings


Chrome (most current version and 1 previous)

Desktop and mobile

Chrome settings

Mobile Devices

Smart Phone



Mobile Operating Systems

Android 4.4.1 + 

 iOS 8.0 + 

Chrome, Safari, MS Edge (Chromium based)


Pentium IV (or equivalent) or better



Minimum 1GB



Business DSL, T1 or better


Required Browser settings

Cookies must be enabled

Javascript must be enabled

Browser Zoom must be set to 100% (actual size). See About zooming






Safelist and

PPM Pro has the ability to send email alerts to users for various things such as:

  • timesheets

  • expense entries

  • new project/change management requests awaiting approval

  • notification for changes/updates to entities that users may own or be on the team of

  • new team member or owner associations

To avoid the possibility of these notifications being blocked by email spam blockers, please ask your internal IT helpdesk to safelist or * AND or *


Many of our customers set up firewall rules to permit outgoing access to our API Gateway servers. The correct way to do this is to use a fully-qualified domain name for the firewall configuration. Do not use a fixed IP address. Our API Gateway runs in the Amazon AWS cloud environment behind an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB).  Amazon does not guarantee that the IP address of the ELB will remain fixed. It can, and does, change at times. By using a fully-qualified domain name, this IP address change will be transparent to the firewall.

Additional Applications

Other applications running on your PC can also have dramatic effects on your browsing experience. For example, Google Desktop will (based on settings) scan all incoming web traffic which can slow down performance. Symantec and McAfee products will do the same. Any program that scans incoming web content can have a major effect on browsing performance.

If you have problems or are experiencing performance issues after implementing the above settings, please enter a support ticket by emailing

Browsers and Multiple Users

Please avoid logging in to two PPM Pro users on the same machine using the same browser. For example, an Administrator might log in has him or herself and also log in as a reporting user to create reports and dashboards under a generic owner. Or, users might be testing out some features in a sandbox environment and need to have a couple of users to test with or have the need to be logged into their production instance and sandbox instance at the same time.

When multiple users log in to PPM Pro on the same machine using the same browser, "cross-contamination" can happen, which causes PPM Pro to behave in unexpected ways. The actions of one user may be seen on the server as having been made by the other user and the transaction may adversely affect the opposite user’s data.

In these and other situations, it is crucial to use a different browser for each user. For example, the Administrator can log in using Internet Explorer, and the generic user can be logged in using FireFox.