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PPM Pro Q&As from February 16 2022 Release Webinar

NOTE: One of the Financial Summary (Beta) enhancements discussed in the February release webinar, decoupling the Organization standard group permission need from the Edit Financial Summary permission, is delayed by one week and is targeted for the February 25th update release.

Question Answer
We don't have a sandbox. Can we request to have Project Gantt and Milestones in production turned on next week? I am very much looking forward to this feature. Yes! If you would like to turn it on in Production ahead of the March release target of General Availability, please submit a Support Case asking the Care team to turn it on for you.
If you have more than one process with different phases can you set up more than one task phase lookup list to reference to the task/milestone GANTT?  Example 5 stage stage gate v. three stage stage gate No, there is only one Task Phase list. However, we do have a Roadmap feature for Dependent Field Logic that has a use case for changing what list options are available based on other field properties. Although this feature is still a ways out, it should help with this ask.
Will this be available in reporting? Yes! Demoed, please see our webinar recording if you missed it.

When will it go live in March?
When this is released in March, will everyone get it??

We are targeting General Availability for the March Production release, March 18th. When GA all customer Production environments will have it, though you will need to set up the Task Phase lookup list and add the Task Phase field to your task category Details if you want to take advantage of showing the Summary Task Phases. Likewise if you want to take advantage of showing Milestone tasks, make sure the desired task categories Details have the Milestone field.
Can we show the milestone/task title on Gantt chart ? No, we actually tried to do this, but the titles were unreadable (too small and/or too much overlap). Hover will show the milestone/task title.
Can you add a legend at the bottom No, unfortunately not, as it would be confusing and take up a lot of real estate when the normal Gantt legend is shown.
Do you know when the Projectplace sync up to PPM Pro will be live? Not yet, we'll discuss more in next week's (February 23, 2022) PPM Pro Roadmap webinar.
I apologize but can't remember if we have the option or will have the option in the future to create a report or dashboard in our sandbox and migrate it to our production instance?

We have the ability to export/generate a report structure and import it (so from one environment to another) in our top enhancements queue. We hope to have this well before we deprecate Legacy reports, which is still a long time from now (earliest would be end of 2022/early 2023, but we will start notifying in release notes and release webinars at least 6 months before the target date). We

do not have such an enhancement in queue for dashboards.