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About Organization calendars


Organization calendars contain information that is relevant to the organization as whole, such as standard work hours, company-wide holidays and events. Every resource and project calendar will use an Organization calendar as its base calendar.

Changes to base calendars can affect project schedules. Once you have disseminated your calendar to your Organization, be sure make changes only if absolutely necessary, and communicate those changes to your organization.

Organization calendars can be active or inactive. By default, Organization calendars are active, which means they appear in base calendar drop-down menus for projects, resources, and tasks. Once a calendar is inactive, it cannot be used as a base calendar for new calendars and will not appear in the base calendar drop-down lists. If the calendar is in use when it is deactivated, it will remain the base calendar for those calendars already using it.

Users with PPM Pro administrative privileges can do the following:

Note: The default Organization calendar is Standard 9-5, a read-only calendar matching PPM Pro's current Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm calendar. If you leave this calendar as the default, your projects and resources will use a Mon-Fri 9-5 hour work week to support capacity and demand calculations. In addition, you will not be able to add organization-wide events, such as holidays, to this calendar. PPM Pro recommends that you create at least one Organization calendar and make it the default (see instructions below) before you begin creating project and resource calendars.

Setting the Default Organization Calendar

You can have a suite of Organization calendars to fit different needs, but only one can be the Organization default. This default calendar is the base calendar for project and resource calendars. You set the default Organization calendar on Admin/Organization/Resource Settings.