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Planview Customer Success Center

PPM Pro Q&As from October Release Webinar

Question Answer
Does ticky work for project categories also? The configuration for Sub-Group By will be "sticky" by category in all entities that allow for card view.
Roughly when can we expect to see Monthly Time Summary Reports? We are estimating Q1 2023 for Time Summary Reports
Are the other Inner Ciricle sessions still happening? If so, when is the next meeting? Inner Circle Working Sessions conversation requesting topics is open right now. International Inner Circle is meeting in their usual hours for release webinars. We have just opened a new Inner Circle for a Planview Notification Service and registration is open. 
Is the Notification Service Inner Circle related to Alerts 2.0 The Notification Service Inner Circle will be at a higher level as it applies across all Planview solutions. This is the Notification Service that Alerts 2.0 will be leveraging. 
When will the auto column size issue when printing to PDF be fixed? Please request a status update via the customer care case as they will have the latest information.
Is this recording available to review? Recording will be available in some days in our success center.