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Editing and Deactivating Users

Members of the Admin standard group can edit and deactivate users. See User Types/Permissions for a list of user types, Creating Users for information about the user field definitions.

Note that users cannot be deleted, but can instead be made inactive.

Editing a User

  1. Navigate to Admin/Users.
  2. Select the user and edit the appropriate fields in the right-had panel.
  3. Click Save.

As a convenience, any time you create or edit a user, you have the option to "Save and Add to Groups". Since this is a frequent task, we winnowed down the number of clicks to get to the Admin/Groups page after you're done editing/creating the user.

Deactivating Users

Users can be marked inactive so that they no longer have access to the PPM Pro system, however, they cannot be deleted. This allows transactions in the system to be tracked back to the appropriate users. If a resource is terminated, the corresponding user will be automatically be made inactive if the termination date is today or earlier. If the termination date is in the future, you will have to manually deactivate the user. However, the user will no longer be able to log into the system once the termination date has arrived, even if the user is still marked Active.

To deactivate a user

  1. Navigate to Admin/Users.  
  2. Select the user and disable the Active? checkbox.
  3. Click Save.