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Project Logs/Issues: Out of the Box Fields

PPM Pro provides a set of fields for every entity - these fields are referred to as "standard" or "out-of-the-box" fields. You build your entities using a combination of standard and user-defined fields (UDFs). A subset of fields appear on your entity's Detail panel by default to help get you up and running quickly; a subset of those default fields are labeled "mandatory". You can remove any of the default fields except the mandatory ones - those must remain on the Details. See Required vs Mandatory Fields for more information. The complete list of standard and UDFs can be found on Admin/Setup/All Entities/Issues/Available Fields, and definitions for all the standard fields are in the table below.

Default Issue/Project Log Fields

Basic Details


Other Details

Title (mandatory)

Status (mandatory) Problem Description

Start Date 

Problem Resolution
Project (mandatory) Target Date  Legacy Request
Assigned To (mandatory) Close Date Notes: Latest

Last Modified By

Last Modified Date    
Create Date    
Created By    

Complete List of Out of the Box (Standard) Fields

Title Description
Assigned To The issues/project log Assigned To field is a multi-select list that allows selection of multiple resources. All assignees are granted implicit owner permissions (including Time users), meaning they can view and edit on Home/Issues. 

The Assignee dropdown initially displays the members of the project team, if any. A "Show All" link returns All Resources - any selected assignee not already on the project team will be added to the project team. Please note the following changes to the Assigned To field:

  • Display format for names will go from "Last, First" to "First Last" (this will impact data import)
  • Can no longer use 'assigned to' in calc fields that require 1-1 relationship (for example, GetRelatedChildEntity)
Associated Requests List of requests that have been associated with this project log. See Associating Selected Tasks/Issues and Associating Requests and Creating Associated Entities.
Budget Impact The Project Log's impact on the budget. Impact values are defined by your PPM Pro administrator.
Category The category (type) of the Project Log. Categories determine the fields that are available on an Project Log, and are defined by your PPM Pro administrator.
Close Date The actual date the Project Log was closed
Complexity The complexity of the Project Log. Complexity values are defined by your PPM Pro Administrator.
Create Date Date the Project Log was created.
Created By The user who initially created the Project Log.
ID The unique, system-generated Project Log identification number
Last Modified By The user who made the most recent change to the Project Log.
Last Modified Date Date of the most recent change to any field on the Project Log Details tab. Does not include note additions or edits to existing notes.
Latest Note Date Most recent date a note was added/modified for this Project Log.
Legacy Request The ID of the source request if this Project Log was created as the result of a request.
Notes: Latest The content of the recently added note.
Phase The Phase assigned to the Project Log. This list is defined by your organization.
Priority The priority or importance of the Project Log. This is defined by your organization.
Problem Description Informational text that describes the Project Log.
Problem Resolution Text that briefly describes the decisions/actions that were taken to resolve the Project Log.
Project The project to which the Project Log belongs.
Project Owner The owner of the project to which the Project Log belongs.
Start Date Date work on the Project Log is scheduled to begin.
Status Tracks the open or closed standing of the Project Log.
Target Date Date work on this Project Log is expected to end.
Title Project Log name or title.
Type The kind of Project Log. Project Log types are defined by your PPM Pro Administrator.