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Planview Customer Success Center

PPM Pro Customer Care

Administrators can use the Customer Care Portal: - Note that in order to access the Customer Care Portal, you must have an account provisioned by Customer Care. Please send an email to if you do not have access. If you are not an administrator please contact your company's PPM Pro administrator.

Hours of Operation (Includes APAC Regional Coverage)

Sunday, 5 PM to 1 AM Central Time

Monday - Thursday, 7 AM - 1 AM Central Time

Friday, 7 AM - 7 PM Central Time

US Tel: (512) 346-8460

International Tel: +49 721 959 7262

Fax: (512) 346-9180


What Happens to Submitted Support Cases?

The PPM Pro Customer Care team will do their best to trouble-shoot and assist customers directly with their submitted Support Cases. If however their investigation determines that the issue is either a defect (the product is not working correctly or is not as designed) or an enhancement (the product is working correctly or is as designed), then Customer Care will submit the defect or enhancement to the appropriate PPM Pro product teams.

Cases that Turn into Defects

Support cases that are turned into defects will remain open so that Customer Care can follow up with customers. Defects are also sent to the PPM Pro Director of Product Development for triage and assignment. The development team strives to fix defects as quickly as possible. Factors considered include severity of impact, if there is a workaround, and number of customers impacted. Sometimes this may take a bit of time depending on resource availability but most defects should be fixed quite soon and are captured in the Release Notes. If a defect fix is of critical importance, then an Update release may be performed ahead of the regular monthly release. Such Update releases are also noted within Release Notes as appropriate.

Cases that Turn into Enhancements

Support cases that are turned into enhancements are closed and sent to the PPM Pro Product Management team for weekly triage. There is a long list of enhancements because they are typically lower priority than defect fixes and Roadmap feature (planned product feature) work; the "New" items in the bottom grid of each monthly Release Notes are enhancements that have been added in that release. Enhancements are triaged based on a number of factors, such as how critical the need is, how many customers will be helped by it, how many customers have asked for it, how timely it is with respect to other feature work, and how much effort it will be for development to address. We calculate a WSJF (Weighted Shortest Job First) measure from Scaled Agile and use it to prioritize the queue of enhancements. As developers with the right skills have time to work on enhancements during a release, they pull from the top of the queue.