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PPM Pro October 2020 Release: Q&A Transcript

Questions Answers
How do you set background colors for report columns?

You can apply color to any list field included in the report by using the Display As menu option. The actual colors for the values are configured in Admin/Setup/Lookup Lists.

See Formatting List Reports (Beta) and Creating a Lookup List (Colors and Icons) .

How long before we can see the Additional Details , Financials, etc. menu items on our instance? You can see them right now. Make sure your project category has those sections enabled and the appropriate permissions applied. See Creating Categories for Projects. Feel free to contact Customer Care if you are having trouble finding what you want.
How do I change the color of the boxes within the portfolios?

You can't change the color on the chart itself. However, coming in November is a way to create/organize a list of all colors available in your organization. The colors are used by the system from top to bottom of the list. So you could change the colors that appear on your portfolio chart by reordering them, but the change would affect all areas where colors are used. More on this in the November webinar.


Do you support the latest versions of Microsoft Edge? Yes. We support the current version and the previous version. See System Settings
No December webinar, does that mean there will not be a December release as well? There will still be a December release and release notes. We'll demo any mouthwatering enhancements in the January release webinar.
Will look up list color values carry through to charts? Yes, they should do so today. We are targeting for November a new feature (mentioned above) that allows more control over colors in reports where lookup list value colors are not being used. More on this in the November webinar.
In Reports Beta, I created a Gantt chart for our list of projects. The project name is appearing to teh right of to the Gantt line, and it also shows in the first column. How do I hide the column with the project name so it only shows next to the Gantt line? Currently the Gantt report is required to have the Title column. We have entered an enhancement request on your behalf to remove this restriction. Not sure when this will happen, but will be announced in the release notes when it happens.
Is the high level timeline available in reporting or on the project page yet? If not, when will that be available? It is not yet available, but it is one of the features targeted to be picked up after we GA new reports and dashboards in early 2021
How close are you to releasing bubble chart reports for requests that utilize score categories? Very close! Targeted for November or December release. Will be available before we GA new reports and dashboards.
When is dashboard export to PDF going to be released? Should be available before we GA new reports and dashboards.
My organization is about 12 steps behind with Edge.  I know it's currently on version 86... my organization is still sitting on version 44.  (I'm not sure why) What is the oldest version of Edge that is supported?  Just in case they have any objection going to the most recent As mentioned above, we support the latest release and the previous one.
Having some challenges with portfolio report recreation in R2D2, should we hold off on that with other work still in progress? The November release is targeted to support reporting on hierarchical entities - maybe hold off until then.