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Staffing Status Definitions

These fields appear in the centralized staffing grid:

Request # - After a staffing allocation has been submitted it gets a unique request #, which is displayed in this field.

Status - This field reflects the status of the staffing request.

Note: "Soft-booked" and "hard-booked" are not official statuses in PPM Pro - you will not see them in the UI. Informally, a "soft-booked" allocation is when a resource has been selected but not yet staffed. When the resource is staffed it is considered "hard-booked". Further, when using managed staffing 3 additional fields show up in in resource planning reports (Soft Booked %, Soft Booked FTE, and Soft Booked Hours) that allow you to report on the hours in an allocation that are not fully staffed (in progress). The soft booked fields are reporting-only fields and do not show up in the UI. 

Status definitions:


What it means

What action can PM take?

What action can RM can take?


The request is saved but not yet submitted. The New status is also used for a proposed staffing assignment.

PM can submit (Submit Request), or edit/delete demand.

RM: None


The request has been submitted to the appropriate personnel.

PM can revert staffing request back to New status, effectively informing resource management to ignore original request.

RM can begin to staff or decline.

In Progress

Resource Management has made a potential assignment but has not yet finalized it. The allocation is referred to as "pre-staffed".

RM can fully staff request, partially staff request, staff a request with a resource other than the one proposed (if any), or Reject request.

PM cannot make any changes to request.

In reports, pre-staffed allocations are recorded in the 'soft-booked' field, allowing you to report on potential allocations.


The request has been staffed (demand has been fulfilled, fully or partially). When a request is Staffed, PPM Pro reduces the resource's available capacity.

PM can leave as-is, or make a change request. If demand was partially filled, PM can create new staffing request for unmet portion.

If RM partially fulfills a request, the unfulfilled demand will appear in its own unstaffed request (Declined status), and the fulfilled portion of the demand will have a status of Staffed.



The staffing personnel has rejected some or all of the staffing request.

RM can fully decline a request, in which case the original request has status of Declined.

RM can partially fulfill a request, in which case the remainder will appear in its own unstaffed request with a status of Declined. You can decline the remainder, but only if the rest of the request is Staffed.

PM can re-request declined demand, in which case the status will be Requested.