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Creating Users

Once you have created resources, you can then make them users in PPM Pro. Creating PPM Pro user types from resources is a security step that ensures that only the resources you have given permission to can log in to PPM Pro. Note that Integration users do not have an PPM Pro login. WS API users have a login for using the API, but not to the PPM Pro application.

Note: You can have more resources than you have users. For example, you may have resource information that you want to track for peo­ple who will never use the system.

Things to remember:
  • Only users who are members of the Admin standard group (have administrative privileges) can create users.
  • Timesheets will not be generated for a user who does not have a timesheet activation date.
  • If using internal rates, an internal rate table or custom rate must be assigned to each resource. This rate is based upon the hourly resource cost to your organization. This is generally a fully loaded rate based on an individual's salary, benefits and overhead expenses. See Finances Overview for more information.
  • Billable rates can be assigned to each resource (this is an optional feature, contact your account manager for more information). This rate reflects how much on average you charge your clients for an hour of this person's work. This rate is usually based on the person's role(s). If the resource plays multiple roles you can assign an "blended rate," which averages the billable rates for each role. You can edit billable rates on a project-by-project basis.
  • Full and team user types can be members of the Admin standard group. However, only full users can be added to other standard groups. Only full and team users can own projects, can be Final time/expense approvers, or can be request approvers (stakeholder users can also approver requests).

To create a user

1.      Navigate to Admin/Users.

2.      Choose Menu > New.




Select a Resource name from drop-down list - this list contains all resources that are not associated with a user. If you do not see the name you wish to add, go back and create the resource in the Resources page. Note that users can also be created directly from the resource record under the Resources tab by double-clicking the resource and choosing Menu > Create User.


Assign a login (not applicable to Integration user types). Logins must be unique throughout the entire PPM Pro system. We suggest you use the Resource's email address as his or her user login - in fact, the system will use the email (if available) as the default automatically. You can, however use any login that you wish as long as it is not already in use by another user. 80 character limit.


Assign an initial password to each user. Users can later change their own passwords using Menu > Password on their resource record. Note that strong passwords are required:

  • must be at least 8 characters (max is 80)

  • must include at least 1 lower case letter

  • must include at least 1 upper case letter

  • must include at least 1 numeric or special character

  • cannot match last password

Confirm Password

Confirm the password.

User Type

 Select the User Type. See User Types and Permissions for more information.

Timesheet Activation Date

 Enter a Timesheet Activation Date. This is the Start Date for the generation of Timesheets for the user


Select the Active? checkbox box so that the user has access to PPM Pro (what they can access depends on their user type and granted permissions). If you de-select the Active? checkbox, that user can no longer log in to PPM Pro.


Select the Admin? checkbox to add the user the the Admin standard group. Members of the Admin group have access to the Admin tab and all functions below it. See Granting Administrative Privileges.

Create Requests?

Select the Create Requests? checkbox if the user is to have the ability to create requests (applies to legacy requests). We are in the process of transitioning to a new request model where the ability to create requests will be granted by way of permissions. If you are already using the new request model, you will not see this field when you create users. See Setting Up Permissions for Requests.

3.Click Save or Save and Add to Groups. When you click Save and Add to Groups, you are taken to the ResourceName/Groups page, where you can add the user to any standard or custom group.

To make any changes to existing users, select the user and modify the appropriate fields in the right-hand panel.