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Planview Labs Program

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Planview Labs is Planview’s innovation hub for new ideas, products, and capabilities across the Planview Platform. Planview Labs is an early access program for testing and providing feedback about new, potential capabilities that the Planview product teams are considering for the future. Benefits of joining the Planview Labs program include:

  • Helping to shape the future of Planview products. The critical feedback you provide about potential new products and capabilities will inform product teams about valuable use cases and opportunities.
  • Realizing value early by getting access to new capabilities before they are generally available.
  • Direct line to the product teams. Gain insider knowledge about what we’re building and how it will help your organization and teams.


Active Labs Programs

Program name Product Description Registration
Agile Planning AgilePlace

Do you find it difficult to visualize plans for teams, business units, or product areas across your organization?

Do you wish there was a better way to plan and visualize work across different teams and iterations?

Sign up for Labs to get early access to a new Agile Planning capability in AgilePlace.

You'll get an opportunity to provide feedback to product management and help with the design of this new capability.

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Generative AI AgilePlace We're excited to introduce a few early access generative AI capabilities into AgilePlace! This Labs program will support the following use cases in AgilePlace (these use cases will grow based on your feedback!):

- What in our backlog should my team work on next?

- Produce a standup report for in progress work

- Produce a changelog of recently completed work

We are looking for your use cases and feedback, and we are all ears! If you'd like to collaborate and guide the evolution of generative AI-powered features in AgilePlace, please join this Labs program!

This Inner Circle will be gated to an initial 20 customers. Announcements will be made as more spots open up.

*Disclaimer: All AgilePlace generative AI capabilities will be free to use during the Labs program. This is subject to change after the Labs program.
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Logbook ProjectPlace and Portfolios

As an organization runs multiple initiatives, projects, and campaigns, it is critical to identify and mitigate risks and issues along the way to stay on target. There are often other types of information as well that are important to capture such as changes, decisions, assumptions, lessons learned etc.

With Logbook you will be able to capture the information necessary for your organization. Logbook is being developed as a shared service and will initially be available for Portfolios and ProjectPlace. Starting on April 4 we will make Logbook available for early access. Initially, Logbook will be available within workspaces in ProjectPlace. The target for accessing Logbook at the Work level in Portfolios is set for the Portfolios May release.

Access to Logbook requires Planview Admin which is available to no extra charge.  In order to set up Logbook in Planview Admin you need to be an administrator. Read more about Planview Admin and how to get it here.

Sign up already now if you are interested in early access to Logbook. You will get the opportunity to share your feedback with product management. We will have a limited number of customers enabled in early April and will open up Logbook Early Access to everyone that has registered towards the end of April/early May.

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