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Planview Labs Program

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Planview Labs is Planview’s innovation hub for new ideas, products, and capabilities across the Planview Platform. Planview Labs is an early access program for testing and providing feedback about new, potential capabilities that the Planview product teams are considering for the future. Benefits of joining the Planview Labs program include:

  • Helping to shape the future of Planview products. The critical feedback you provide about potential new products and capabilities will inform product teams about valuable use cases and opportunities.
  • Realizing value early by getting access to new capabilities before they are generally available.
  • Direct line to the product teams. Gain insider knowledge about what we’re building and how it will help your organization and teams.


Active Labs Programs

Program name Product Description Registration
Card Automation Planview AgilePlace

Card Automation allows users of AgilePlace to save time and ensure accurate status across work (plus much, much more) by automating different scenarios or routine actions. Below are a few examples of Card Automations that you can build:

  • Move a parent card to a new lane once its first child card is started
  • Move a parent card to a new lane once all of its children are finished
  • Post a notification to Slack because a card has been blocked
  • Post a notification to Microsoft Teams because work has been completed
  • Automatically create a new card every time a card with a specific card type is finished
  • And much, much more! Click here to watch a demo.
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Roadmapping Planview AgilePlace

Roadmaps allows business leaders, product and program managers, and others to translate strategy into a timeline of business outcomes and deliverables​. These roadmaps can be used to set direction and expectations, as well as maintain clear communication throughout delivery. The Labs release of Roadmapping supports the following functionality:

  • Create standalone roadmap items or import existing cards from AgilePlace boards
  • Color by AgilePlace status, card type, or custom roadmap attribute
  • Visualize planned date differences between the roadmap and AgilePlace with a "Date Difference" Mode
  • Create custom attributes for roadmaps (available in details panel and color by)
  • Create visual milestone dates
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Sentiment Analysis Planview Portfolios

Sentiment Analysis is a new Planview Foundation Service that is designed as an early warning indicator for portfolio and project managers. The service works by reading 'long text' or unstructured text such as a status update or project update field before returning a score and classification for the long text. This score can be used to quickly determine if the project or portfolio is displaying positive, neutral, or negative sentiment based upon the actual text that is input by the user. This Labs release delivers the following functionality:

  • Configurable Sentiment Analysis long text field options
  • Project roll up of fields configured for Sentiment Analysis
  • Portfolio roll up of Sentiment scores within any given Portfolio
  • Ability to schedule Sentiment Analysis jobs for regular refreshes
  • Reporting ready via the Portfolio's dataset
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Rest APIs Planview Portfolios

We are currently developing and releasing the first versions of public REST APIs for our Portfolios product! This is a supplemental alternative to the existing web services for integrating and automating with our Porfolios product.

By opting into this labs you can gain early access to the REST APIs as they are developed and provide your feedback directly to our product team to help us ensure that we are releasing the best possible APIs into wide release.

Our REST API labs work a little differently from the others you may see here. You only need to register once to opt into participating in the REST API labs which will be ongoing throughout the entirety of our development the first versions of our REST APIs. The APIs will be immediately available to participants accompanied by an email notification when a new API moves into labs. After a period of time, lab APIs will expire when they move into wide release. 

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