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The Planview Inner Circle program is one of the key ways that Planview Product Management collaborates with customers to deliver great products. As part of the Inner Circle program, you work with the Product Manager and other customers through the design and development process to understand scope, contribute to priorities and provide feedback. Look through and register for the Active Inner Circle(s) below that are right for you.





Active Inner Circles

The following list of Inner Circles are active but may or may not be accepting registrants at this time. Refer to the status column to see if registration is currently open.

Inner Circle

Cross-Product Line 

Training & Learning 

Planview is transforming our training and learning strategy and we want customers and end users to be a part of our journey. This Inner Circle is a series of three facilitated discussion and listening sessions (approx. one hour per month). The Inner Circle will then continue (for those who choose) with early previews of our new learning offerings as well as periodic short requests for input and feedback. 


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Cross-Product Line Roadmapping Roadmaps are useful in outlining and communicating strategic direction, objectives, and key priorities. Planview is developing a new roadmapping capability that will help you translate outcomes into a timeline of key items to achieve desired goals, as well as convey progress and impacts the roadmap has to the organization. Join this inner circle to learn more about the in-the-works roadmap functionality and help us define its core functionality. Design Open Click to Register
Cross-Product Line Top Down User Management User management is a key administrative process and capability that needs to be as efficient and precise as possible. This Inner Circle will focus on top down user management principles and workflows for our customers who are managing users across Planview applications. We are looking to introduce top down user management from Platform Administration (think Planview ID) and would benefit from hearing how top level user management could benefit you. Design Open Click to Register
Enterprise One User Experience It's time to focus on the Enterprise One - PRM user experience! In this Inner Circle, we plan to explore and prioritize ideas around streamlining views & functionality, improving in-app guidance, and uplifting to a more modern look and feel. Please join us to discuss your use-cases, your challenges and of course, your priorities. This is expected to be a long-running inner circle and input will be collected through meetings, surveys and one-on-one sessions.   Design Open Click to Register
Enterprise One Capability & Technology Management We want to work with the Capability and Technology Management community to help us prioritize and plan.  There is no better time to do it then now, as we are moving into a monthly update cadence.  We want to partner with you as a community to ensure that we are working on the right things and in the right order.  Your feedback is valuable to us so that we have insights of what matters most. Design Open Click to Register
Enterprise One - PRM REST API's Planview is breaking ground on Open REST APIs for Enterprise One PRM and we want to hear from our customer community as we explore this opportunity rich space. Tell us about how you are leveraging the existing web services, where there is room to expand or improve on the existing web service offering, and any areas where REST APIs can better address your business needs. This inner circle will be a chance for you to bring your use case for an open discussion with the REST API product team. The feedback we collect during these discussions will help us prioritize and plan our REST API roadmap. Design Open Click to Register
LeanKit User Groups Interested in providing feedback about how you manage users and permissions in LeanKit? LeanKit Product Management is exploring the idea of introducing user groups to help simplify user access, board permissions and improve team/group visibility at the board and card level. Design Open Coming Soon
PPM Pro User Experience The user experience inner circle concentrates on refining the product for all current and potential users within your organization. The members of this inner circle will be key partners in defining the core enhancements and features that will leverage the power of PPM Pro to deliver a tailored, simple experience across various user needs ranging from resource management to portfolio creation. This circle meets occasionally, usually a month or two before a Roadmap feature is set to begin development so that the circle can review and provide feedback on requirements and design or if there is a particular topic of interest for the circle. Design Open Click to Register
PPM Pro Working Sessions The purpose of the PPM Pro Working Sessions inner circle is to provide an opportunity for discussion, questions, and answers amongst our Planview PPM Pro customers and product team. Our circle meets monthly to cover a topic of interest (and pick the next month's topic). Please join and come prepared to discuss use cases, best practices, and whatever is top of your mind! Enablement Open Click to Register
PPM Pro International

The PPM Pro International inner circle is specifically for our global customers who often miss out on our regular customer monthly release and bi-annual roadmap webinars due to time zone differences. Although those official webinars are recorded, watching them is not the same as actively learning about and seeing key enhancements and feature demos, as well as being able to have live questions and answers. Likewise for our quarterly roadmap webinars.

This inner circle will meet on the same days as our official monthly release and roadmap webinars, but at times more convenient for Central Europe/Middle East and again for Asia/Pacific. Please join this circle if you would like to receive meeting invites to these reprises of the monthly and quarterly customer webinars held at a more convenient time for our international customers. Please note that all sessions are conducted in English.

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Projectplace Data loss prevention (DLP) 

With growing concerns around security and privacy, organizations must have a firm grip on how content is accessed and shared within and outside their organization.

We are working on a new Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capability to help all our customers using Documents and would like to have more control over their content in Projectplace.

The idea is to provide a mechanism to identify such contents and control access to them in a more robust way. The capability also includes an audit trail.

In the Inner circle session, we will share our high-level ideas and some designs to give you an idea about the DLP functionality. We would love to get your feedback.

So, if you are interested in contributing to the direction of this feature development, please register to be part of this Inner Circle.

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Closed Inner Circles

The following list of Inner Circles are closed because they are either complete or are wrapping-up.

Inner Circle
Enterprise One Office Timeline

The ability to produce visually appealing and effective presentations is more important than ever; convey project timelines, communicate critical milestones, or tell a compelling story to clients or leadership. Whatever your purpose or audience, this can be a time-consuming activity. This inner circle will provide participants the opportunity to work with the experts in a virtual group setting to tackle your most challenging scenario and to see how other customers are leveraging Office Timeline. Please note that this functionality is available to customers who are hosted in the Planview Cloud and are using Planview Enterprise One – PRM.

By registering for this inner circle please note that your information will be sent to the Office Timeline Team.

Enablement Open

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Enterprise One Lean Portfolio Management The world of portfolio management is changing. With the need to deliver faster and react quicker, leading organizations are pursuing a new, leaner approach to portfolio management.  By rearchitecting planning and funding processes to be more incremental and continuous, Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) is the key enabler in connecting strategy to delivery and increasing enterprise agility.  In this inner circle, we will both cover how Planview currently supports LPM, as well as areas of potential future investments. Come learn, participate and share your opinion on how Planview’s products can help you become a more Lean-Agile Enterprise. Enablement Open  
Enterprise One Continuous Cloud Are you upgrading to 2020?  Whether you have to go through your last upgrade or do an in place upgrade from 17, are you ready to opt-in to automatic updates?  We would like to get our early adopters to meet with us regularly to help us learn and adapt as we make the transition from legacy large upgrade events to smaller incremental changes through monthly updates. This inner circle is for members who have signed up for continuous cloud or are interested in learning more.  Early Adoption Complete  
Enterprise One Re-planning and Resilience Amid Disruption We are in rapid change at the moment.  You already have the capabilities in Planview Enterprise One to make the right decisions, even in times of change! We want to help you maximize these capabilities to re-prioritize your portfolio and keep your teams aligned, stay on track, and deliver outcomes.  This inner circle will be split into separate groups.   One group with join Product Management to receive guidance on getting started with Investment and Capacity Planning.  The other group will be for those already using Investment and Capacity Planning and wanting to mature their usage and/or collaborate with other customers Enablement Complete  
Enterprise One Strategic Dependencies We are designing a cross project Gantt to deepen our program management capabilities so that users have a greater understanding of how work schedules can impact each other.  Join us to help us in our first set of features that we are going to be able to release iteratively across several updates in 2020.  Design Complete  
Enterprise One Configured Screens The inner circle will focus on re-designing the Configured Screen experience, both from the Administrators point of view, and the End Users point of view.  Due to the dual focus, members of this inner circle will be split into two separate groups: End User Group; Administrator Group.  This will allow us to really dive deep into the re-design process from the two most important perspectives. Design and Prioritization Complete  
LeanKit Instant Coffee This inner circle is for Planview LeanKit customers partnering with us in testing our labs product, "Instant Coffee". Feedback is gathered in small batches on a set schedule throughout the testing period in an effort to better understand the appropriate uses cases, feature requests, frustrations, and/or other information related to Instant Coffee. The goal is for Planview to use the feedback provided to iterate on and eventually deliver Instant Coffee to a broader audience. If you are interested in participating, please contact your account representative or customer success manager. Labs Complete  
PPM Pro Reporting and Artifacts The reporting and artifacts inner circle is focused on showcasing the value of the work you do everyday in PPM Pro. What can we do within our product to make it easy for you to quickly show your stakeholders, sponsors, and executive team what work is in-flight, its status, what resource commitments are in play, and what’s required to help realize your company’s goals? We focus on the direction of our reporting capabilities, as well as a special focus on what artifacts you’d like to take out of the tool and incorporate into your standard workflows. Note that with our current Reports 2.0/Dashboards 2.0 (R2D2) feature work near completion, this circle likely will only meet once more in the new year before it closes. Design Complete  
Cross-Product Line Connecting Enterprise One & PPM Pro with Projectplace The inner circle will focus on the benefits of combining portfolio management and collaborative work and highlight how organizations can govern key strategic items while giving team members a single, collaborative experience for getting work done. Enablement Complete  
Projectplace Projectplace Inner Circle This is an interactive forum where we gather insight and requirements from customers/users around specific areas of the service. Topics are scheduled in advance to discuss planned enhancements. The inner circle reviews and collaborates on conceptual mockups. Prioritization Complete