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PPM Pro Q&As from August 2021 Release Webinar

Will enhanced Time Users see projects in the Project Grid where they are not assigned to tasks

If they have been given global permission to View projects they will see all projects. If given permission at the category level, they can View all projects of a specific category. Finally, if they have Team permissions on project they can view that project.

Time User Permissions - can they have full edit/delete access on projects, reports, dashboards, etc? Time users can only edit issues they are assigned to, or tasks they own or are scheduled to, with the appropriate permissions. Cannot delete anything.
I was a little late, will the enhanced time user permissions allow time users to view all dashboards if they have access? Yes.
Request Time in Gate = calendar days or working days (Monday - Friday)? Calendar days. Working days fields are in our enhancement queue.
For the time at stage/gate report, if a request is returned to a previous stage, is the calculated time an aggregate of all time spent at stage or just the time spent for this occurrence? All time spent.
For the Report Field Level Filters, can you apply those to tiles? Yes. Sherrill demoed how, check the recording.
Calculated Fields that are currently located under the Organization tab are going away?  Is that what I heard you say? No, they are not going way. The discussion was about calculated fields for report entities, not regular calculated fields.
Would Time Users have the ability to create projects & staff? No, they cannot create anything except reports (if permitted).
Where is the Show Zero Values option set? The Display tab of the report designer.
Any word on when we might see Monthly Time Summary reports added to R2D2? This is one of our tail items. 
Why we do not have suppress Zero for All reports?  Good question! Please enter an enhancement if you do not see this on the report types where you need it and we will see what we can do.
List: Basic - Will functionality be added to change the color of the value and title similar to what exists in List: Stacked? We have an enhancement in our queue about allowing users to specify the column title font and background colors for List: Basic, similar to what List: Stacked has.
Created a report for tasks that include start and end date. Want it to show parent/child relationships. Would you please show how to do that? Sherrill demoed - you can use Show Hierarchy and also filter on Summary Tasks as it meets your needs, it is captured in the recording.
Is the report level filter available for request reports?  i.e. will I be able to create a bubble chart using the different scoring categories? We believe so but haven't tested ourselves. Customer Care should be able to help you if you run into trouble.