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Using the Workbench Filters

The Resource Workbench supplies several out-of-the-box filters that allow you to populate the workbench with different "buckets" of users. The filters are listed in the table below, along with a description of the return results. You can of course create your own custom filters (see Creating Filters). The same filters are available in the Resources tab. Filters are particularly helpful because the Resource Workbench only shows a maximum of 250 resources for performance reasons, so having a filter enables you to hone in on a specific set that may or may not be included in the 250 resource limit.

Note that the filters simply return resources but do not give you permission to make edits. All full users can edit allocations for projects where they have edit permission. Note that you can hover your cursor over a filter capsule or menu item to view these definitions in the product.

Resource Workbench Filter


no filter

Non-terminated/terminated resources who report to me directly

My Resources

Non-terminated resources that have me as their immediate supervisor or unit manager

+My Direct Reports

Non-terminated resources that have me as their Immediate Supervisor or Unit Manager

+My Resources (All)

Resources who are part of my organization (all my direct reports (Immediate Supervisor or Unit Manager) and their direct reports, and so on)

+Current Resources

Non-terminated resources

+My Resource Pool

(For centralized staffing only) Show all resources I have permission to staff.

+Resources Visible to Me

All resources whose availability I have been given permission to view by way of a permission profile.

Note that filter results will include the current user's record if it satisfies filter criteria (for example, when using the +Current Resources filter).