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What is the difference between standard groups and admin teams?

To provide more flexibility and consistency within PPM Pro, we are re-implementing our Admin teams as groups. These groups will convey the same privileges to their members as did the Admin teams. For example, members of the Organization group will have the same privileges as members of the Organization Admin Team; likewise the members of  the Timesheet group will have access to the Organization/Manage Time & Expense/Resource Time page, as do members of the Timesheet Admin group. As a result of this change, Innotas will now have two types of groups: standard and custom. Standard groups are provided by PPM Pro and mirror the current Admin teams. (Some of the groups names have been tweaked a bit to make them all consistent - you shouldn't have any trouble recognizing them.) Custom groups are created by PPM Pro users. Users with administrative privileges can view all their organization's groups, as well as these Standard groups, on Admin/Groups.