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Notifications (Planview Admin)

PPM Pro instances that are linked to Planview Admin use that application's notification service. Notifications routed through Planview Admin are recorded in a notification log for 14 days.  This replaces the Alerts in your PPM Pro Home page.



In order to receive notifications in your inbox, your IT administrator must safelist the following domains:


The notification log will display a log of all the notifications sent to your PV Admin user in the last 14 days. The records will be removed automatically after 14 days. Date and time stamps are based on your browser's location.

To view a notification:
  1. Open the Notifications tab in the PPM Pro home page.
  2. Click on a notification in the table.

This will open the notification contents in a panel on the right side of the screen.

To sort your notifications:
  1. In the Notifications tab of the PPM Pro Home page, click on a column header. This sorts the table in ascending order based on the values in the column.
  2. Click the column header again to sort the table in descending order based on the values in the column.

The table will be sorted according the column you selected. You can select any column to sort the table.

To filter your displayed notifications:
  1. In the Notifications tab of PPM Pro Home page, click on the funnel icon in the upper-left corner. This opens the filter panel.
  2. Enter values into the fields you want to use to filter your notifications. The available fields are:
    • Title - Filter by the notification's title.
    • Source - Source where the notification originated from.
    • Date - Notifications that fall within a certain date range.

The table will display notifications that match the filter. To clear your filter, open the filter panel and click Clear filters.