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PPM Pro Q&As from March 2021 Release Webinar

Questions Answers

Can the merge child rows be moved to individual, multiple lines for each request?  i.e. Project 1 appears on two rows if it has two separate requests.

Report merge puts all the items in a single cell.  Is there a way to just let it create it as individual rows with the other project fields duplicated?  In other words, if there are 2 requests, there would be two complete rows rather than blanks or in a single line.

Hmm, that is essentially undoing the merged columns. So I think you can get what you want without merging. Please feel free to enter a support Case if I am not understand/addressing your question.
With merging child fields, how does the data export to Excel? All the child data will be in one cell, just like what is displayed in the report.
When multiple child fields are combined in a single row, can it be formatted to have a "return" so each item is listed in a column, instead as a continuous text paragraph? This is not currently supported. If you are interested in being able to display the child output in a column (within the cell), please enter an enhancement request and we will see if it is feasible to do.
For bubble charts...if there are two projects (data points) on top of each other, only one project's data shows. Will this be addressed soon?

Are you referring to the hover text? If so, yeah, the text for the top layer will obscure the text on the bottom data point. However, have you tried using the leader lines? We tested out what we think your scenario is: 2 projects, same data points. From the Display tab, select the Show with Leader Lines setting. The results separate the 2 data points, allowing you to access them and raise the hover text.

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 3.51.31 PM.png

Give it a try and let us know if you still have an issue.

Regarding 'owner' and publishing: How can a publish a DB/Report that focuses on the "Current User" without having them "Rerun as User"?

Is there a way for a dashboard to be run based on "current user"?  I created a dashboard but it only shows my projects (as the dashboard owner).  I'd like each person who runs it to include only their projects.

All dashboards are run using the current user's permissions. A published dashboard is a snapshot, so it contains the data the dashboard publisher was permitted to see (not the Owner's, like in legacy). If you want data according to the current user, you'll probably need to use a live dashboard, and not a published dashboard. Or, when viewing a published dashboard, the user can select "Rerun as User" option from the Actions menu. For users with a broader view of the data (in addition to their own), you also can create filters to target the data according to the current user.

Is there a reporting/dashboard scope for Requests?

No, requests are kind of a baby brother to the first class entities, such as projects and tasks. Requests do not have a Dashboards grid, so reports/dashboards cannot be scoped there. Suggest creating your request report scoped to Organization, so then all entities included in your reports are accessible (since Organization top of the hierarchy).

Is the email limit of 100 apply to internal, external or both recipient types. The approximate limit of 100 is for external recipients. Your mileage may vary slightly, depending on the length of the email addresses. It is a character limit, not an address limit. There is no limit on internal recipients.
if a dashboard is published on a schedule is there a way to manually re-publish it?  Currently you have to cancel the schedule, republish and then re-setup the schedule

Yes! Once you publish there will be a Republish button at the bottom of the Manage Publishing model. You can make changes in the publishing modal, and when you republish those changes will go into affect, the number of publications will be reset, and access to the dashboard is from the same URL.

If someone has publishing permissions, can they change publishing for DB's they don't own? Yes. Meaning they can adjust the publishing settings, republish, and unpublish.

In legacy dashboards there is a latency for data refreshing within a dashboard. Is that still true with the  beta dashboards?


There is no caching with new dashboards (like legacy) - any dashboard you run is current.
Do the user still have to refresh to receive most up to date data in the dashboard? No, the dashboard is no longer cached. When you click Run, you are running the live version.
For publishing schedule (i.e. after 1pm), is that CST or our local time? It should be the time specified by the locale in the current user's User Preferences. However, right now there is a bug - the Organization locale is currently in use. We hope to fix this in an upcoming release.
How do you set up the dashboard publishing to send notification to all project team members? Currently cannot do this. We entered an Enhancement Request on your behalf.
For Donut chart...Can the total be displayed in the middle? Currently it cannot. Please enter an enhancement request and we will see if this is feasible.
Do the user still have to refresh to receive most up to date data in the dashboard? No, the dashboard is no longer cached. When you click Run, you are running the live version.

When is reporting on trended fields targeted?

What is the timeline for GA for these revamps?

Trending fields are on our tail items list. We hope to GA reports May/June, and follow with tail items soon after.
Can the hiding of the New Project button but set up for just a single project category?  Or does it apply to entire instance? It applies to the entire instance - cannot turn off New Project button per category.
Hello - not sure if this was covered, but can you use the existing filters when you move over to the new reporting module or do we also have to recreate the filters? In most cases you don't need to recreate the filters. There are a few corner cases that we are investigating. When we address time series/resource planning reports we might need to revisit.
Calculated fields: Will this be available under the report section and Organization section? Calc fields will be available only under the Organization tab. Members of the Org or Admin standard groups can manage calculated fields.
For exporting LL, will there be an option to export the entire catalog with the values, or just one at a time? No plans for this, please enter an enhancement request.
Did we cover the ability to edit/rearrange color palette?

The standard lookup list Organization Color Palette allows you to rearrange and add/remove the colors used across the system. Colors are used in the order of the list, top to bottom. The color inventory and order are global settings and affect all places where color is used dynamically - for example: Gantt charts (both from reports and the task/project views), the portfolio hierarchy chart (excluding the top square, which represents the class), request cards/Kanban. See Adjusting System Colors for more information.

Could the export of the lookup lists be done as a "merge child" list, so a single export includes not only all the list names, but the items for each list?  If this is possible, I will submit an enhancement request. Would have to check with dev for feasibility. Please enter an enhancement request.
If limiting New projects to the Request process...can the New button still be made available thru UI for Admin only?  Or would they have to be created thru import and/or API? If the New project button is suppressed in order to funnel project creation through requests, the only alternative ways to create projects is through API or Data Import - there is no Admin facility for creating projects or showing the New button only to Admins.
When will Audit & KPI reporting be added to Beta? Those features will not be added to the Beta, but will come out after we GA reports. They are in our list of tail items that we plan to get to as soon as possible.
What about from the link the user receives in the email?  When it opens is it data as of that time? or the last time published? Published dashboards are always snapshots of data. No matter when the user clicks the link, they will see the data that was captured for that specific published dashboard. If a user then would like to see current data, they can select 'Rerun as Publisher' or 'Rerun as User' from the published dashboard's Actions menu.
When will Legacy Reports and Legacy Dashboards no longer be available?

We will not be sunsetting legacy reports and dashboards for at least a year after declaring them GA. In addition, we will not retire legacy reports and dashboards until we have a replacement for identifying fields for OData extraction that doesn't rely on them.

Is there a way to change the template for the published dashboard notification? Yes, you can edit the subject and body of the notification message using its rich text editor, as well as use a set of variables that allow you to customize the notification. Recipients will see the updated notification at the next scheduled publication.