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With PPM Pro, you can enter time for project tasks, portfolios, or non-work events such as jury duty or holidays. This type of time is called Administrative. PPM Pro provides a web-based interface, which is described here, as well as PPM Pro for Mobile, which allows you to enter time on a mobile device. You can use the web and mobile interfaces interchangeably, use whichever is most convenient at a given time. See PPM Pro for Mobile for more information.

Entering Project Time Using the Web-Based Timesheet

This tutorial explains how to enter project time on a timesheet. The steps for entering other types of time are nearly identical, so once you learn how to enter project time, you'll be able to enter any kind of time.

For a walkthrough of the entire web-based timesheet interface, watch this video (note that this video does not cover the pinning feature): Timesheet UI Overview

For detailed documentation about all timesheet features, see Working with Timesheets.

Note: Your timesheet grid might display columns that you do not see in this tutorial. For example, the Company, Location, HTC, Capitalized, and Billable fields.

Before You Begin

In order to enter time, you must be an active user with a valid time sheet activation date that is prior to or equal to today. Further restrictions on who can enter time are determined by your organization's timesheet rules. For example, your timesheet rules might simply say that a project must be open and a task must be open in order to charge time. See Configuring Timesheet Rules for more information.

If you try to charge time to a project and can't find the project or the task, contact your project manager.