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PPM Pro Q&As from April 13 2022 Release Webinar

Question Answer
What permissions are needed to edit these financial summary settings You need to have the Project/Edit/Financial Summary permission.
What is the timeline for the feature to copy a Financial Summary Structure from one project to another We do not have a target date yet, but hoping by the end of Q2...we cannot wait to do this last capability and officially make the feature Generally Available!
In new reporting, can you create a report with project and administrative timesheet hours in one report? Our teams are trying to create this monthly report in order to calculate utlization. In Timesheet Entry Topic there are 2 reporting Fields that will help you segement time by Projects and Admin Time; take a look at fields "Entry Category" and "Entry Title". Entry Category will indicate if the Time Entry is against Project or Admin. Entry Title will be the Project Title or the Admin selected value (Holiday, Vacation...) etc. Please email us offline with the columns you want and in the meantime, we have added this basic Timesheet Entries by Category and Entry Type report definition to the Reports Cookbook.
Is there anything in the works to lock the top row of list reports within the new dashboards so you can see the column headers while scrolling within the browser? We have it in our enhancements queue, but it is non-trivial to wrangle the different browsers to do this. A workaround is to not set the "Auto-size height in dashboard to fit content" and set the report container size to one screen height (approximately), then an inner scroll will appear that freezes headers.
Hello - Is there any updates with the Odata setup in the new reporting environment? The OData revamp feature is on our Roadmap and will have its own UI, no reliance on reports and dashboards. No target date yet.
When reporting on both requests and project data -  Is project status available? In the Request topic, add request fields and then use the field path to select "Associated Projects" available fields. Then add the "Title" and "Status" available fields. We have added this basic Request Associated Projects with Project Status report definition to the Reports Cookbook.
I love the ability to add color to the report header, thank you!  Is the ability to add color / shading to Subtotal/Grand Totals on your enhancement radar? It is on our radar, just currently lower in our queue given other report and non-report enhancements. 
Is the ability to use a field rather than text in a report title on the radar? Yes, we also are tracking an enhancement for the ability to have a variable be part of the report header, such as "Project Status: <project title>". Still in our queue, a bit higher than the enhancement above :).