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Planview Customer Success Center

Planview Investment in PPM Pro Infrastructure

Planview has invested a significant amount of time and effort in the core architecture of PPM Pro to enhance reliability, performance, and provide a strong foundation for customer-driven innovation. This includes four significant areas of investment: 

  • Customer-specific architecture. A customer-specific subdomain enables us to provide a customer-specific system balancing as well provide a more robust login experience to customers using single-sign on (SSO) when logging in with email links, bookmarks, and so forth. 
  • Performance. We’re positioned to leverage parallel read-only replicas, which essentially mirror each customer instance to enable faster access to the disk level.  
  • Fault Tolerance.  At the hardware level, we’re now continuously backing up at any given time to  up to six distinct server clusters to preserve data integrity as well as security.
  • Database. We are in the process of transitioning from Oracle to Amazon’s Aurora Postgres databases, allowing us to leverage that expertise across our business and across the world to unlock the performance and fault tolerance enhancements described above. Note that the transition to the new database has been gradual over the last month. All sandboxes have already been converted and are running on Postgres.