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Timesheets FAQ

We used to require two-step timesheet approval. At some point we changed the system to require only a single approver - however we had timesheets in flight that are now "stuck" waiting for PM approval that will never happen. 

Your Time Manager can reject the "stuck" timesheets. This will place them in an unapproved, editable state. Now your users can resubmit their timesheets for single approval.

We just started using timesheets and people are not able to see all projects to charge their time.  In one case the individual is assigned to the team but does not see the project as an option in the drop down list.

Check your timesheet filters. These filters determine the rules for what project/tasks are available in timesheets. Go to Admin/Organization/Timesheet Settings and look at the project and task filters at the top of the page (you have to have admin privileges to see the settings). See Configuring Timesheet Rules and Settings.

I entered time in the Total Hours column - why won't it distribute across all days?

Check that the timesheet is configured to distribute Total time across all days. Click the gear icon to display the Configure Timesheet Settings dialog and confirm that all the days you want included in the distribution are checked (the second set of days in the dialog).

Can I add columns to the timesheet grid?

No. The timesheet grid is not a part of our self-service administration feature.

Can I remove "Admin" as a time entry category?

Yes. Go to Admin/Organization/Timesheet Settings and remove "Admin" from the "Track time for:" setting.

What time does a timesheet period end?

Human dates and times are complicated. The short answer is that timesheet period dates are "local dates"- that is, they don't have a time component and don't have a timezone. So 3/7/2017 was a Tuesday and thus a workday for everyone but exactly when 3/7/2017 ends differs across the globe. For reporting purposes, timesheets are aggregated by date only.  For the purposes of a timesheet being considered "overdue" we need an instant.  For that we use midnight on the last day of the time period, based on the customer's default timezone (not the user's timezone, so that we get consistent behavior across users and so that users cannot "game" the system by changing their timezone).

Do timesheet rules respect a user's permissions? For example, if my timesheet rules are wide open (user can track time on any project at any time), will the list of projects be restricted to those projects the user has permission to view?

Only timesheet filters matter as to what a user can see on their timesheet. You can try adding "Current user is active team member" to get close to scoping projects to only ones the user can view.