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Fullfilling Staffing Requests

Note: Users must have "Process Requests" permission to see the Resource Staffing screen, and a pool of resources from which to staff in order to fulfill staffing requests. See About Staffing Permissions and Creating Staffing Profiles for information about permissions.

The Resource Staffing screen supports the various actions taken by resource managers as they manage staffing requests, including fulfilling them, partially fulfilling them, declining them, or routing them to someone else to fulfill or manage.

Fulfilling Requests

When you receive a staffing request, the project manager may or may not have proposed a resource (depending on whether the project manager has permission to propose and/or cares to propose). Proposed resource names are displayed in italics in the request; unstaffed requests are also in italics.


If there is no resource proposed, right-click on request and choose Edit Resource Assignment.


If there is a resource proposed and you want to approve the request as-is, click Staff. If there is a resource proposed and you want to change the resource, right-click on request and choose Edit Resource Assignment and choose a different resource.



Pre-staffing refers to selecting a resource to fulfill demand, but not staffing the allocation. These requests are referred to as pre-staffed, although you won't see this label in the UI. Typically these requests ultimately are staffed with the pre-staffed resource, or the resource can be replaced. Pre-staffed allocations can be reported on using the 'soft-booked' field. Note that the project manager cannot see who the pre-staffed resource is.