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Creating Allotments

The following users can create fixed bid revenue allotments:

  • Organization standard group members

  • Fixed Bid Manager standard group members

  • Project owners

  • Project team members with "can edit this Project" rights

To create a fixed bid revenue allotment:

1.      Navigate to yourProject/Manage Fixed Bid.

2.      Select the [Allot_Revenue] link next to the invoice you want to create allotments for. If there is no invoice, you can click the New button and create one.  For more information about creating Fixed Bid invoices, please see Managing Fixed Bid Invoices.

3.      Select the view you want: Project team or Task team. This determines which resources will be dis­played on the screen.

4.      Select the time entry start and end dates. This determines which entries will be used to calculate the values for Hours, Non-Billable Amount, Hours-Based Revenue, and NB Amount-Based Reve­nue.

5.      Select  to recalculate the form using the selected dates and the remaining invoice amount.

6.      Enter allotment amounts either manually, or by selecting one of the blue calculated values.

7.      Enter the allotment date. The default date is the date of the invoice.

8.      Enter a note if you wish.

9.      Click Save.

Zero dollar allotments are not saved.