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About Web Services

PPM Pro provides a Web Service Application Programming Interface (WSAPI) to allow you to integrate the PPM Pro application with other hosted, SaaS, or on-premise applications for seamless data transfer between the applications.

PPM Pro's WSAPI is SOAP-based; SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is a type of API that uses XML over http(s). The SOAP API is published in a Web Serve Definition Language (WDSL) file. The WSDL describes the specific set of functions (and data to be exchanged) that are available. It is a "contract" (formal specification) that developers and programming tools use to understand how to work with a specific product. You can view the PPM Pro WSDL at: https://<yourcompanysubdomain>

PPM Pro provides a set of generic web service operations that are called through a secure HTTPS address. These services, when used in conjunction with one another, can accomplish creates, reads, updates, and deletes on any web service enabled entity in the PPM Pro application. The web services can also be used to move data into (create, update and delete) and out of (read) the PPM Pro application.

The Admin/WebServices API page displays a list of web-service-enabled entities and their corresponding entity IDs, which are used with the API. In addition, every entity has a Fields link, which displays a list of all fields on an entity that can be accessed using the API. (If you do not see this page, then Web Services are not enabled for your organization and you should enter a Community case to request it.)

Who can Use the WS API?

To use the WS API, you'll need access to the credentials of a WS API user that is set up in your PPM Pro instance (ask your PPM Pro administrator to create this user). You (the person performing the integration) will use the login credentials of that WS API user to code against the API. A WS API user is a special PPM Pro user type that:

  • can log into PPM Pro using web service calls

  • has the ability to perform create, read, update, and delete actions on web-service enabled entities

  • cannot log in to the PPM Pro (GUI) application  - must have a separate login/user type

If you will be developing PPM Pro API integrations, ask your administrator to create a WS API user account for you - even if you already have a non-API account.

What Next?

See Getting Started with WS API.

Or, if you're comfortable with WSDLs:

  • ensure you have a WS API user set up

  • familiarize yourself with the PPM Pro WSDL at: https://<yourcompanysubdomain>

  • view the javadoc on Admin/Web Services - click the View API Documentation button

  • start gathering WS-enabled entity information by visiting the Admin/Web Services API page of the PPM Pro application

  • run getEntityFields on the entity to validate the current fields

  • browse the examples