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User Rights

User rights are determined by the following factors:

  • User type  - Determines the user's general level of access to PPM Pro functions. For a detailed description please see User Types/Permissions.

  • Standard group membership - Each user's standard group memberships determine which spe­cific functions the user can access. For a full list of all Admin teams and their functions, please see About Groups.

  • Administrator privileges - Full and Team user types can be granted administrative privileges. Administrators have access to all functions located under the Admin tab. For a full description of the administrative functions, please see About Admin.

  • Entity Team membership - Each user's team assignments and associated team rights determine the level of visibility and functionality available to the user at each entity. For a detailed description of team rights, please see About Entity Teams.

  • Permission profiles - A profile is a container that specifies global or entity specific permissions (view, create, edit, delete). Any given user can have permissions for entities based on profiles applied to the user individually or as a member of groups/units/teams.