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Planview Customer Success Center

IP Restrictions

PPM Pro provides an optional feature that allows you to restrict access to PPM Pro to a range of IP addresses. Once the feature is enabled, you will see:

  • A link under Admin called "IP Ranges" where you configure the IP ranges from which to allow access to PPM Pro.
  • A setting under Admin/Organization/Info called Enforce IP Restrictions on Published Dashboards. Enable this feature to restrict access to all dashboards to the set of IP addresses configured in Admin/IP Ranges. When this setting is enable enabled, the Manage Publishing modal for any dashboard will include a setting called "IP Restriction" that will be enabled and read only. Remember to set up your IP ranges on the Admin/IP Ranges page.

If you do not have this feature enabled, please enter a support case at and request that it be turned on - ideally work with the Care team to get your IP ranges set up. 

Click Admin/IP Ranges to view the All IP Ranges page. You can enter one IP address, or a range of addresses.

  1. Choose Menu > New.


  1. Enter a title for the IP address or addresses.
    1. To enter a single IP address, enter the IP address for both the start and end addresses.
    2. To enter a range, enter the address that defines the start of the range, and the address that marks the end of the range.
  2. (Optional) Enter a description.
  3. Click Save.