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About Staffing Routing Alerts

Note: Staffing routing is available only for organizations using Managed Staffing Requests. Enter a support ticket at  for more information. You must have PPM Pro administrative privileges to configure staffing permissions.

After a staffing request is submitted, it can be viewed and processed in the Resource Staffing screen by any staffing personnel who have permission (Can Process Requests) to process staffing requests. Staffing routing allows you to configure email alerts to be sent to a user or group of users, notifying them that a staffing request is ready to be processed. The recipients of these alerts can vary based on characteristics of the request, such as whether or not a resource is proposed, whether there is a designated staffer assigned to the requested role, and whether the requester can choose from a list of recipients or if the recipient is a read-only value, just to name a few.

Here is a list of terms used when discussing staffing routing:

  • Staffing Request - role demand expressed with or without a resource and submitted to staffing personnel for processing

  • Staffer/staffing personnel - user/users with Can Process Requests permission (usually a resource manager)

  • Designated staffer - user, group, or unit that has been assigned to be notified of all requests for a specific role. You can set this up when creating organization roles (Admin/Organization/Roles) or you can configure it on the Routing Settings screen (see Assigning Designated Staffers). If a designated staffer has been configured, it appears as the default value in the Route To droplist. Note that being a designated staffer does not grant staffing privileges; you must have staffing privileges to perform staffing actions.

  • Requester - user submitting staffing request (usually project manager)

  • Routing alert - email message notifying recipient (routing destination) that a staffing request is waiting to be fulfilled. Specific staffers (configured in Routing settings) receive email alerts, but all staffers can view/process staffing requests in the Resource Staffing screen regardless of routing settings

  • Routing destination - user, group, or unit that receives routing alert email

  • Process request - the actions that can be taken on a staffing request: fulfill, decline, partially fulfill, re-route

You configure routing options on Admin/Organization/Routing.

When Are Alerts Triggered and Who Are They Delivered To?

The following is the list of actions that trigger a staffing routing email alert.

When this happens.... email alert is sent to:

A request is submitted

Routing destination (default value or user-selectable)

A request is staffed

Requestor, staffed resource, staffed resource's unit manager as seen on the resource record (all 3 get same message)

A request is re-routed (a staffing manager selects a different routing destination for an existing staffing request).

The new routing destination. The sender can add a note.

A request is declined

The requester

An allocation is extended (no alert is sent if allocation is reduced in scope). This creates a new staffing request (referred to as a "change request"), but doesn't send it. When the request is submitted, the alert is sent.

Routing destination, default value or user-selectable

An allocation is reduced or deleted

No alert