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PPM Pro Q&As from February 2021 Release Webinar

Questions Answers

The financial summary display columns for EAC, ETC, and Variance - will we be able to reorder these in the future?


Yes, you will eventually be able to reorder the columns in the summary, as well as remove them.

In addition, we will be adding another field called Variance at Completion (VAC)  - This is BAC - EAC (cost data only for BAC, however EAC is configured to be calculated)

Regarding project overview - I'm practicing in the sandbox and the overview dashboards I created are over-sized for the amount of data included resulting in a lot of white space. How do I change the size of the ' box' so it appears correctly sized in the project overview? You can explicitly resize the reports that appear in a dashboard. Unlike legacy reports, where you had to pick a size, you can literally resize the reports to whatever dimensions you want by dragging to size and position them to fit your space. If you specifically are concerned about the List: Basic and List: Stacked report types, we have an enhancement still in queue to provide more explicit sizing options as feasible.
When do we plan to sunset the current reports and Dashboard functionality and need to be fully converted to the new reports and dashboard? We will not be sunsetting legacy reports and dashboards for at least a year after declaring them GA. In addition, we will not retire legacy reports until we have a replacement for identifying fields for OData extraction that doesn't rely on them.
Apologies if you have already shared this but when will the publish feature be made available for R2D2 beta? We are targeting the first phase of publishing for the March release.
Will the new report or dashboard function require any changes using Odata Yes and no. New reports and dashboards will not be used for OData field identification and extraction. So, continue to use Legacy reports and dashboards until we have a new way to identify and extract fields for OData (this is still much later on our roadmap).
Will dashboard publishing include extracting all reports to Excel (instead of individual reports only)? Yes, you should be able to export all reports from one dashboard as a whole, with each report being placed on a separate tab.
Multi-value field are displayed First, Last name order.  When can it be displayed in Last, Name order? We hope to support this use case as part of our Resource SSA feature (which brings resources into the profile-based permissions world like projects, tasks, issues, and so on). No target date currently, but we will be reviewing the feature requirements and design in our User Experience inner circle before development begins later this year.