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Adding a Portfolio to a Project

The Portfolios section of a project lists all the portfolios to which the project is linked. Once you link a portfolio, you can edit the % value only, or remove the portfolio. All other values are determined by the portfolio itself.



  • Both the portfolio and the project must be configured to support associations. For example, the portfolio category must be configured to show the Associations tab, and the project category must include the Portfolios section.
  • The user creating the association must have these permissions:
    • Project > Edit > Component Links permission
    • Portfolio > View permission
    • Edit > Component Links permission for the respective Portfolio Class.
  • You can create the relationship from within a portfolio


Add a project to a portfolio from within a project

1.      From the Projects tab, open a project and then click its Portfolio link.

2.      Click the Add button and do the following:

a)      Select one or more portfolios (hold down the Shift key to multi-select).

b)      Specify the percentage (%) of budgets and actuals that will be rolled up from the project to the portfolio. For example, if a project was being funded by 2 different divisions, you could show that by applying to 2 different portfolios with 50% each. Note that if you create a project from a template and include portfolio associations, they are copied at 100% to include be default. You can change the percentage, or you can select to use what the template project uses. See Creating Projects from a Template.

3.      Click Select.