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Planview Customer Success Center

Browsers and Multiple Users, Zooming

Please avoid logging in to two PPM Pro users on the same machine using the same browser. For example, an Administrator might log in as him or herself and also log in as a reporting user to create reports and dashboards under a generic owner. Or, users might be testing out some features in a sandbox environment and need to have a couple of users to test with or have the need to be logged into their production instance and sandbox instance at the same time.

When multiple users log in to PPM Pro on the same machine using the same browser, "cross-contamination" can happen, which causes PPM Pro to behave in unexpected ways. The actions of one user may be seen on the server as having been made by the other user and the transaction may adversely affect the opposite user’s data.

In these and other situations, it is crucial to use a different browser for each user. For example, the Administrator can log in using Internet Explorer, and the generic user can be logged in using FireFox.


The UI is designed optimally for 100% zoom. You can adjust your browser zoom to fit your needs, but be aware that some UI elements might go out of alignment. The preferred way to increase/decrease font size is to use the UI display themes provided by PPM Pro. You can select themes under the Resource menu at the top-right of the browser by choosing Edit Preferences and then clicking the Display tab.