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Viewing and Editing Unit Details

The Details tab displays information about the selected unit. You can edit the information in the Details tab, or you can edit inline in the hierarchy pane.

Title - (Required) The name of the unit. You can edit the name in the Details panel by double-clicking it and editing it inline. The updated title will be reflected in the hierarchy pane. You can also edit the title in the hierarchy itself by selecting the unit and pressing F2 or selecting Edit from the right-click menu.

Manager - The manager of the unit. If your organization is using centralized staffing, then unit managers can view their resources in the Resource Workbench.

Resources - Displays the number of resources in the unit. Resources can belong to one unit only.

Parent - (Required) Displays the selected unit's parent unit. You can change the position of the unit in the hierarchy by assigning it a different parent. Note that if you select the top-level unit, there will be no Parent field. You can change the parent in the hierarchy grid by selecting the unit and choosing Move from the right-click menu. Choose the unit you wish to move the selected unit beneath.