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What's New - November 2019

Release Schedule

Click here for an overview of the PPM Pro release process. 

The table below lists this month's product release dates. 

What When
Release Notes published November 1
System released to sandbox environments November 8
System released to production environments

November 15

Releases are deployed during the standard maintenance windows.


  • Features that are ready will enter GA status in the first month's release of each calendar quarter: January, April, July, October. There will be an occasional variance from this schedule. You can enter a support request to move a beta feature into your production environment.
  • You can request that beta features be enabled in your production environment by entering a support ticket. Please note that any issues you find will be handled during the normal development cycle. 
  • Planview sends out status emails in advance of planned releases/updates. These alerts include the date and time window of the update, as well as a link to the release notes that include a list of the issues addressed in the update/release. To subscribe to these alerts, please go to and click the Subscribe button.
  • We hold a live product release webinar - typically on the Wednesday before the production release. This webinar will be hosted by PPM Pro product management and consulting personnel, and will include time for Q&A. Click here to register for the November 13th release webinar. 
  • Inner circles are offered as a way for our interested customers to collaborate with PPM Pro Product Management and each other, provide feedback on PPM Pro product capabilities, and guide new feature development. Click here for more information or to register.


Release planned for Friday November 22, 2019, pending QA approval.

Function Area ID Release Note Description
Filters 936074477 Fixed. The ability to use the "contains" operator on filters using multi-select lists was added to PPM Pro in a previous release. Subsequently, during the course of troubleshooting a customer issue we discovered that the "is" and "contains" operators were not behaving consistently across the application, particularly for Linked to Portfolio filters and Association filters  - most obviously when the filter was operating on multiple list items the "is" and the "contains" operators were evaluating the filter the same way.  With this update release, we are going to correct the behavior of the "is" operator, as well as migrate your existing filters to replace "is" with "contains" where appropriate to minimize impact of this change to your users. 
Reports, Odata 936757996 Fixed. Odata parsing issue.

New Feature Matrix 




For more information…

New Requests! (aka Requests revamp)

Legacy requests will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future. You can use legacy requests and new requests side-by-side while you set up the new requests to your liking. Since the new model is different from the legacy in several key ways, we are not planning an automated migration.

Remember, you can ask to turn off the New button for legacy requests if you are ready to transition your users over to the new requests. If you do not need any historical data, you can also remove the legacy requests from the UI altogether.

New functionality

  • Activity log
  • Copy Request
  • Copy New Request Link
  • Data Import
  • New API call for submitting requests 
  • New reporting fields: Elapsed Hold Time, Elapsed Workflow Time

New: Viewing Request Activities

New: Copying Requests

New: API and Data Import for Requests

Configuring Gate Skipping

Known Issues

Request FAQs - End User

Request FAQs - Admin, Setup

Setting Up Requests (SSA)

Creating Gates 

Configuring Gate Approvers

Gate Approval Examples, Videos

Gate Approval Example - Screenshots

Transitioning from Legacy to New Requests


Reports Revamp

Current functionality (Rolling beta)

  • Basic report topics and types, including new line, area, heat map, and spider charts
  • New reports List page with ad hoc filter and group by
  • WYSIWYG report designer with field search
  • Real-time preview of sample report output 
  • and more!


Beta - available in sandboxes only for November release

Known Issues

Reporting - Then and Now

Reports Overview (Beta)

Using the Report Designer


Coming Soon
December Release - Date change

Due to the end of year holidays, we will be releasing the December release of PPM Pro one week earlier:

Release notes - no later than Dec 4

Sandbox: Dec 6

Product: Dec 13

Changes to Calculated Fields

In order to give users a better user experience, and to continue to tighten security for our customers, there will be some changes to calculated fields.

Starting in January the application will strictly adhere to the data type setting on the calculated field. Currently, if you had a field defined as one data type but were using it as another data type, we needed to do special processing with legacy reporting in order to make the field render correctly.

For example, a calculated field that has a function that returns a number, but was defined as a string, would still be able to be aggregated in a report. This resulted in inconsistent behavior between fields in the UI and fields in reports.

With regard to security, when HTML was used in the formula, but the calculated field was defined as a string (instead of using the HTML display type), we were not able to guarantee against cross-site scripting, even with Strict XSS Protection enabled.

Target - January 2020  

Release Notes

Function Area ID Release Note Description
Filters 913846017 Fixed. Resource filters cannot be deleted if they are in use with Timesheet alerts or filter-based groups. Previously, the system was not preventing the filter from being deleted and threw an error if the filter was removed and the user tried to pick a different filter.
Financial Entries 926384562 Fixed. The Actions > History window for financial entries is working as expected; after making a change, the history of the change and previous changes are shown in the History window.
Global search 920649511 Fixed. The Created By field can be configured as a searchable field for Financial Entries. Previously an error was thrown when adding the Created By field to the Searchable Fields for Financial Entries in SSA. To ensure you activate the fix, remove the Created By field from Searchable Fields for Financial Entries and add it back. 
History, Text Fields 906998144 Fixed. The value of a text box field is appearing in the entity as expected. Previously, HTML markup was appearing in the field in addition to the field value. 
Internationalization 924243649 Fixed. German Umlauts now display correctly.
Lookup Lists 912914735 Fixed. Lookup list values can have associated Description field text. In addition, that text can be deleted if you no longer want to use it. Previously, the system would not allow the Description text to be deleted. 
Managed Staffing 784664501 Fixed. (Managed Staffing only) The default Route To value will always be a valid choice (user with the appropriate permissions to staff a resource). Previously, invalid users were selectable from the Route To list. 
Permissions, Projects 908641043 Fixed. The Department list on project Details will be read-only if the current user does not have permission to access any department in the list. Previously, a warning symbol was displayed next to the Department list on project details if the current user did not have permission on any Department. 
Projects, Filters 910328973 Fixed. Project filters that assign multiple portfolios to the filter field "Project: Linked to Portfolio" returns expected results. Previously, when using the "Project: Linked to Portfolio" filter field and assigning multiple portfolio names, the names were converted to ID numbers, and the filter did not work.   
Projects, Permissions 919077285 Fixed. Full users who have Project > Create rights can create projects of  as expected. Previously an issue was causing an "Access Denied" message to appear when the user attempted to create a project.
Requests (legacy), lookup lists 916546367 Fixed. Mapping a user-defined multiselect legacy request field to a new project's multiselect UDF works as expected. Previously, the list values were converted to ID numbers, and weren't recognized as lookup list values when creating a new project from the legacy request. 
Reports  921533811 Fixed. When configuring a report, the Target droplist shows each entity one time. Previously, the Division and Portfolio entities were listed twice.
Reports, Filters 922197149 Fixed. When running Gantt reports, applying filters that include multiple criteria work as expected.
Reports, Odata 913826095 Fixed: Odata will return results correctly even if field data ends with a backslash (for example C:\).  Previously, Odata calls were failing in this instance because the backslash was being treated as an escape character in the data, thus unintentionally offsetting the columns in the result set.
SSA, data dictionary 859024439 Fixed. Changes made to lookup list labels in the data dictionary are reflected in SSA. Previously, lookup lists that had been renamed in the data dictionary were still using their original labels in SSA. 
Tasks, % Complete 910846992 Fixed. When using the Manual percent complete method, the child task percentages are rolling up to the immediate parent only. Previously the rollups were calculated inconsistently.


Tasks, Spreadsheet-style Editor 777037033 Fixed. Tasks can be deleted as expected in spreadsheet-style editor mode. Previously, deleting a task changed the previous task's constraint type.
UI, Tasks 919121338 Fixed. In the task Schedule tab, an overflow menu has been added to accommodate the UI controls (such as the trash bin) that sometimes get pushed off the screen if the current language results in longer labels that cause the buttons to expand and take up more real estate. Previously it appeared that the icons were missing if the window had not been resized to accommodate the larger buttons. The overflow menu should always be visible and provide access to the controls that don't fit on the screen.