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Applying Health Profiles

Once you have set up your health profile(s), you can apply them to your portfolios and projects.

See About Health Profiles and Creating, Editing, Deleting Health Profiles.


Project health profiles are applied as a default at the category level and can be changed for individual projects provided the Health Profile field has been included in Details or Settings.

Task health fields are configured within the project health profile. Tasks will use the health profile of the project to which they belong.

  1. Navigate to the project and click the Settings link in the left-nav.
  2. Locate the Health Profile drop-down list and select a profile. If you do not see the Health Profile field, contact your administrator.
  3. Click Save.


Portfolio health profiles are applied as a default at the category level. All portfolios of a category will use the same health profile.

  1. Navigate to Admin/Setup/Portfolios/Categories
  2. Select the project type(s) by clicking the appropriate check boxes.
  3. Choose Menu > Edit.
  4. Select which health profile should be applied to which portfolio type(s).
  5. Click Save.