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Planview Customer Success Center

Applying Health Profiles

Once you have set up your Health Profile(s), you can apply them to your portfolios and projects.

By default there is no Health Profile associated to a project (-none-). You can select a specific Health Profile from the list, or you can select the Health Profile that is associated to the project type for your project (-Use Project Type-). If the project type is changed, the profile will also update based on the Health Profile Mapping in Admin.


  1. Navigate to the project.
  2. In the Project Settings section, choose Menu > Edit.
  3. Select a value from the Health Profile drop-down list.
  4. Click Save.


  1. Navigate to Admin/Setup/Portfolios/Project Health Profiles/Health Profile Mappings.
  2. Select the project type(s) by clicking the appropriate check boxes.
  3. Choose Menu > Edit.
  4. Select which health profile should be applied to which portfolio type(s).
  5. Click Save.