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About Timesheet Administration

To prepare your organization for using the PPM Pro Timesheet feature, there are a number of settings that can be configured.

  • (Required) For each resource that will log time, ensure there is a corresponding user, a timesheet activation date and a Timesheet Approver. To configure these resource settings, the current user must be the Immediate Supervisor of the resource, or a member of the Resource standard group.

  • (Optional - can use defaults) For the organization, configure timesheet rules and settings and determine whether to implement automatic timesheet approval. To configure these settings, must be user with administrative privileges (member of Admin standard group - same as Admin? enabled on user record).

  • (Optional) Add users to the Timesheet standard group. These users (referred to as Time Managers) can edit users' timesheets, normalize costs, view/edit billable/internal rates (if member of Internal Cost and Billable Rate groups), add a Time Manager note to timesheets, as well as submit/reject/approve timesheets.

Timesheet Reports

Target=Organization/Category=Time reports based on the "Summarize Timesheets by Month" and "Summarize Timesheets by Timesheet Period" report sources aggregate timesheet data on a nightly basis. As a result, there is a one day lag for report data.