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What's New - October 2018

Note: Due to issues discovered in the sandbox release that affect the ability to update projects in certain scenarios, we have decided to hold the production release for one week for further testing. The new production release date is targeted for 10/26/18.

Release Schedule

Click here for an overview of the PPM Pro release process. 

The table below lists this month's product release dates. 

What When
Release Notes published October  5
System released to sandbox environments October 12, 10 PM - 1 AM PT
Sandbox Update released October 19, 10 PM - 1 AM PT
System released to production environments October 26, 10 PM - 1 AM PT

Releases are deployed during the standard maintenance windows, which are Fridays, 10 PM PT - 1 AM PT.


  • Features that are ready will enter GA status in the first month's release of each calendar quarter: January, April, July, October. There will be an occasional variance from this schedule. You can enter a support request to move a beta feature into your production environment.
  • You can request that beta features be enabled in your production environment by entering a support ticket. Please note that any issues you find will be handled during the normal development cycle. 

New! Subscribe to Release Information Alerts and Webinars

Planview sends out status emails in advance of planned releases/updates. These alerts include the date and time window of the update, as well as a link to the release notes that include a list of the issues addressed in the update/release. To subscribe to these alerts, please go to and click the Subscribe button.

In addition, we hold a live product release webinar - typically on the Wednesday before the production release. This webinar will be hosted by PPM Pro product management and consulting personnel, and will include time for Q&A. Click here to register. 

Update 1

Release planned for Friday November 2, 2018, pending QA approval

Function Area ID Release Note Description

Fixed: Customers can delete UDFs and calculated fields, and Customer Care can create new non-SSA fields. Previously, an error was thrown.

New Feature Matrix 




For more information…

Enhanced T&E User!

The Time & Expense user will now be able to view tasks and issues on their Home page.

  • Home/Tasks will display tasks they own or are scheduled to
  • Home/Issues will display issues they own

By default, users can view/edit Tasks/Issues they own - minus a few fields that require additional permission (Project > Edit > Tasks).

Target - October  

Spreadsheet-Style Task Editor

Delivered in October (rolling beta)

  • Ability to handle up to 500 tasks
  • Can enable in production environments on request

Delivered in September (rolling beta)

  • Keyboard and editing interaction like a spreadsheet, including Undo/Redo
  • Copy/paste to and from other spreadsheet tools, such as Excel and Google Sheets
  • Handles up to 250 of a project's tasks
  • Basic validation and correction handling

Coming later:

  • Additional reconciliation support
  • Concurrent editing


Known Issues

Using the Spreadsheet-Style Task Editor

New Requests! (aka Requests revamp)

This feature will be rolled out over the course of several releases ("rolling beta"). 

We will update this list every month to indicate when/what additional features will be included.

Legacy requests will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future. You can use legacy requests and new requests side-by-side while you set up the new requests to your liking. Since the new model is different from the legacy in several key ways, we are not planning an automated migration at this time.

Current functionality

  • Ability to report on associations - both directions
  • Ability to associate new and existing projects, tasks and issues
  • Ability to copy notes and attachments to associated entities
  • Request Gantt chart report
  • Request category-based permissions
  • Basic Reporting
  • Self-service administration for configuring request types
  • New graphical, status-based card view

Coming Later

  • Scoring
  • Sequential Gates w/Single Approver
  • Notifications
  • Approval Logic
  • Advanced Gates (skipping)
  • Activity Log
  • API, Data Import

Known Issues

User Experience Inner Circle: New Requests  - Note that this was recorded earlier this year, and target dates have shifted

Setting Up Requests (SSA)


Project Financials



Support for project-level expenses and revenue tracking


Setting Up Financials

Using Project Financial Entries

Financial Reporting Fields

Coming Soon!  
Multi-currency Support

The ability to use multiple currencies allows team members, offices, and locations to easily digest project information and have visibility into costing and resources in a currency that makes sense to them. The active currency applies to all financial and/or monetary data, including money UDFs and calculated fields, billing and internal rate data.

  • Specify a currency on a project-by-project basis, as well as use an organization-wide default currency. 
  • Calculate currency value by applying conversion rate (entered manually) to default organization currency
  • Assign effective date ranges to currency exchange rates
  • Use different currency for role and resource rates using tables, or create a custom rate


Beta Target - Jan 2019  

Release Notes

Function Area ID Release Note Descriptions
Admin, UI, Groups 1759663428 New. A "Description" field is now available for the Admin/Groups page. You can use this field to document the nature of any custom group. You can add the field by using the header menu to add the Description column.
Calculated Fields 1759742358

Fixed. Calculated fields are not supported for audit reporting entity types. The UI displayed "audit" reporting entities such as "project audit" in the list of available entities when creating calculated fields.

Unfortunately, this motivated some users to attempt to build calculated field on audit entities, only to find they returned no data. We have removed the audit entity option from the Select Entity dialog when creating a calculated field. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Calculated Fields, Reports, Scoring 1759503613 Improved. When using calculated fields in reports that reference scoring values, total report run time has been decreased.
Dashboard 1759814955 Fixed. The titles of reports included in dashboards are displaying fully. Previously, an issue was causing the titles to be truncated.
Dashboard 1759668903
Fixed. Gantt charts that are contained in published dashboards have the same report options as unpublished Gantt charts, such as Export to PDF and Resize options. Previously, these options were missing from the menu in published dashboards.
Dashboard, Publishing 1759667583
Fixed. Clicking a chart in a published dashboard will not prompt for re-authentication (provided the dashboard is not configured to require authentication). Previously, when a user logged out after publishing the dashboard and then logged back into PPM Pro, the re-authentication message appeared after the user clicked a bar/pie slice in the chart to view details.
Expenses, UI 1759661018 Fixed. Clicking the "Go" button on Organization/Manage Time & Expense/Resource Expenses works as expected. Previously, after clicking this button an additional set of navigation links appeared in the left nav.
Finances 1759668247 New. The "Actual Revenue" field has been added to the list of Available Fields for projects. It shows the sum of all financial inflows.
Issue, Permissions 1759750809 Fixed. The "Visibility" field has been removed from the Issue (Project Log) entity. The field no longer performed any function (replaced by profile permissions) and was confusing.
Permissions 1759721504 New. Unit managers can be any user type or a non-terminated resource. Previously, Unit Managers were required to be full users. Note that if you assign a non-user to be a unit manager, any permission profile that used the Unit Manager rule would no longer apply.
PPA 1759549196 Fixed. After creating and running a PPA scenario, Labor Cost value is now calculated correctly when effective dating is being used. The value is being computed as a weighted average over the scenario planning horizon.
Project 1759807742 Fixed. Cost Budget and Revenue Budget task fields now accept input and can be saved.
Project, Permissions 1759652353 Fixed. Users with Project > Edit permissions can use the bulk editor to edit. Previously, a defect resulted in requiring the Create permissions in order to edit.
Project, UI 1595599947 New. You can now create descriptions for lookup list values that are displayed when you hover your cursor over the value. Enter the description text in the new Description field on Admin/Lookup Lists.
Reports 589760864

New. You can now report on associated entities. Associated entities are included in the Children folder of the "parent" entity. For example, if you want to report on a project's associated entities, you would include fields from project's Children folders such as Children/Portfolios or Children/Hierarchy Units. Similarly, for reporting on task's associations, you might use fields from the task's Children/Requests or Children/Issues folders. 

See Reporting on Associations for more information.

Reports 1759291466
Fixed. Lookup list colors respected in KPI trend reports, including after exporting to Excel.
Reports 1759560880 Fixed. If a report definition for a Gantt chart configures a Display Name to use instead of the fields name, the Display Name is rendered as expected. Previously, the value for the Display Name was ignored, and the field name used.
Reports 1759574716
Fixed. Grouping by a checkbox field now includes totals for negative (non-checked) values in addition to totals for the positive (checked) values (which is the way grouping with regular Yes/No booleans works). Previously, reports grouped by a checkbox returned totals for positive values (records with the check mark) only.
Reports 1759665041
Fixed. After configuring and running a project or task Gantt chart, if the user interactively changes the sort order, the next time the report is run it will reset to the sort order configured in the report definition.
Reports, Calculated Fields 1759693393 Fixed. Calculated fields that are configured with a non-string data type will render data, even if the formula specifies a format function such as FormatNumber. Previously, data would not render if the field type was something other than string.
Reports, Task, UI 1759417323 Fixed. Grouping tasks in Gantt chart reports working as expected.
Request, Self Service 1759649281 Fixed. Field restrictions that use at least one group and 'everyone else' are now working as expected.
Resource Staffing 1759693118 Improved. When a user attempts to change the role of an allocation to which time is already charged, an appropriate error message is displayed, and the user is prevented from changing the role. Previously, an error message appeared, but the role change appeared to be successful until the user refreshed the browser, at which point the original role is displayed.
Resource Staffing, Project, UI 1759694095 Fixed. (Managed Staffing only) When viewing request details, the Route To field now reflects the correct information. Previously this field was displaying the End Date.
Self Service 1759304007 Fixed. When configuring a required field in the Self-Service Admin facility (SSA), the system no longer throws an error when you click the "Field is Required" checkbox.
Self Service 1759697236 Fixed. You can now successfully configure a field restriction on the Relative Weight field (used with the Weighted % Complete method). Previously the system threw an error if a user clicked a restricted Relative Weight field.
Self Service, UI 1759663351 New. You can add the Description field to the Available Fields grids - select the field from the column header menu.
Timesheet 1759655340

Improved. An illegal state exception error will no longer be thrown when submitting timesheets. If a timesheet entry has become invalid between when it was created and when it was submitted, an improved error message will be displayed.

WS API 1759617429 New. The Last Task Modified By field is now available in web service calls.