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About Calendars

PPM Pro calendars support the creation of a standard scheduling framework across an organization. Calendars are comprised of working hours and days, to which you can add an unlimited number of events, such as company holidays, project meetings, and personal vacations.

You can use calendars to support the development of accurate and realistic project plans. For example, it is not always realistic to assign all working hours in a day to a project, because often there are meetings and other administrative activities. A project manager can use a project calendar to change the working hours for a day to seven instead of eight, allowing an hour for non-project work. Additionally, you can add recurring project meetings to a calendar to further refine the project schedule. Finally, project resources can add personal vacation and other non-work events to a resource calendar to fully present resource availability.

PPM Pro uses the following types of calendars:

Various calendar actions require appropriate user permissions. See Calendar Rights for more information.

Organization calendars

Organization calendars establish working days and times for use in an organization. An organization might have several calendars: full-time, part-time, graveyard shift, weekend, or calendars for different locales. Organization calendars are base calendars for project and resource calendars. That is, a project or a resource calendar uses an organization calendar as a starting point, which can then be customized to meet specific project or resource needs. You specify one Organization calendar as the default calendar for the organization; this calendar can be set as the base calendar for new projects and resources.

For example, imagine Organization calendars for part-time and full-time hours. A part-time resource uses the part-time Organization calendar as a base calendar, and a full-time worker uses the full-time calendar as a base calendar.

Project/Task calendars

Project calendars are used for scheduling and when allocating roles or resources to a project. A project calendar uses an Organization calendar as a base calendar. You can choose to use a different Organization calendar than the default Organization calendar, if desired. Whatever the base calendar, you can make exceptions to working days and hours by adding events that are pertinent to your project. For example, imagine you assign a resource to the project for a week where there is a non-working event on a Monday (full-day holiday), and the project uses a M-F 9-5 base calendar. The week you assigned the resource (40 hours) will be spread across the 4 working days.

Resource calendars

Resource calendars track working days and hours for the resource as well as events such as vacations and other paid time off. You can leave a resource's base calendar set to the default Organization calendar or switch it to another calendar. For example, the default Organization calendar might be for a 5-day 40-hour workweek, but a particular resource might be a part-time employee. That resource would use the Part-time Organization calendar as a base calendar instead. Whatever the base calendar, you can override it by adding events specific to the resource, such as vacation, or modifying working hours; changes such as these affect capacity. For example, if a resource uses the Standard Mon-Fri 9-5 Organization calendar, that resource has a capacity of 40 hours a week. Any changes to resource working hours affects that resource's capacity. It is important to keep the resource calendar up to date so you can see when a resource is over-allocated or scheduled to work when he or she is not available.

Calendar Rights


Who Can Perform Function

Create, Edit, and Delete Organization Calendars

PPM Pro Administrators

Edit Project calendars

Any user with rights to view the project

View Project Calendars

Any user with rights to view the project

Edit Resource Calendars

PPM Pro Administrators and members of the Resource standard group can edit the calendars for all resources.

Immediate Supervisors can edit the calendars of their direct reports.

Resources with the Can Edit Calendar attribute set to Yes can add events. This setting can be set on other users if you are an Admin, on the Resource team, or a supervisor. Note that you cannot enable this setting on your own resource record.

View Resource Calendars

Resource, Resource Supervisor, PPM Pro Administrator, members of Resource standard group

Change base calendar for Task Calendar

Any user with rights to edit tasks on the project can change a task's Base Calendar field