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About Attachments

PPM Pro supports document and hyperlink (URL) attachments for each entity.

You can attach documents and links to the entity they relate to, such as a project or an issue. Each entity has its own associated Attachments page; the Project entity has an Attachments page, and most other entities have an Attachments tab. You can attach documents that pertain to you exclusively to Home/Attachments, which is a great place to attach certification documents, or any other personal records/notes you would like to have in the system.

If your organization wants to allow links but disallow document attachments, please contact Customer Care and they can assist in turning off document attachments.

Attachment Size and Storage Capacity

The maximum size for any single file attachment is 100MB. Files larger than 100MB should be linked. 

URL Attachments

PPM Pro will accept any outward-facing URL (internet address). Valid URLs typically take the format of: (or An example of an invalid URL is: C:\test\example and \\server\share are not valid because they are local addresses.

Virus Prevention

PPM Pro does not perform any virus scanning on attached documents. Users can upload and download documents; if an infected document is uploaded, it will be infected on download as well. We recommend virus scanning on downloaded files. Remember that typically, malicious software files are not activated unless they are opened. In addition to running anti-virus software, also be cautious when opening unfamiliar documents.

Attachment Permissions

For entities that use profile-based permissions (project, task, project log/issue, portfolio, asset), users must have a profile that grants the appropriate permissions (create/view/edit/delete attachments). Note that tasks and project logs/issues get their permissions from the project. See About Profile-Based Permissions and Attaching Files and URL Links to an Entity.

For other entities, like Departments and Divisions, the Attach File/Link modal for attachments for these entities and the Home/Attachments page has a "Public" checkbox. When the Public checkbox is enabled, all users can view the attachment. Otherwise, members of the Organization standard group can create/edit/delete/view attachments. 

Attachment Categories

When configuring PPM Pro, a user with administrative privileges can define values for the Attachment Categories lookup list to differentiate attachment types. Example categories include Screen Shot, Document, Instructions, Contract, and so on.