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Set Up Offices and Regions

You set up offices and regions for your organization on the Admin/Setup/Offices/Regions page. The information you configure here populates the Office droplist for Division (Business Units), Resources, and Projects. The Office field is required when creating Divisions (Business Units). Note that the additional information, such as address, phone, fax, will also populate fields on the Resource, Division (Business Unit), and project Details screens. If you don't enter the information here, you won't be able to add it on the entity screens.

Every Office must be associated with a Region. If you have a large organization, Regions and Offices are useful for breaking down reports into relevant and manageable pieces.

To create a region

  1. To create a Region, click New.
  2. (Required) Enter the name of the region in the Title field.
  3. Enter additional information in the Description field, if necessary.
  4. Click Save.

To create an office

  1. In the All Offices section choose Menu > New.
  2. (Required) Enter the name of the office in the Title field. This name will populate the Office droplist in other parts of the product.
  3. (Required) Select the region to which the office belongs. If the region doesn't exist, create it (see above).
  4. (Optional) Enter the address and phone/fax numbers. This information will populates fields in other parts of the product; you can only edit the information on this screen.
  5. Click Save.