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Using the report viewer

Report output is displayed in the Report Viewer, which contains one or more reports. You can use the Actions > Print button on the viewer to print the entire visible contents of the report viewer. If a report has a drilldown link, use Actions > Print Details to print the visible report and the linked drilldown report.

Report container menu menu_icon.png

Each report is displayed in a container, which includes a toolbar that allows you to perform different actions on the report output.


Note that when you create dashboards, each report in the dashboard has these menu elements in its title bar. To create a cleaner looking dashboard, you can suppress the elements when you configure the dashboard by setting Display Report Menus = No. See Specifying the basic dashboard details.

Menu Option Description

Change Output >

Displays a list of all configured output types for the current report source. Choose a different type to display in the report container.


Reruns the report and displays the current output type.

Resize > 

You can resize a report to the following sizes:

- Extra Small
- Small
- Small Medium
- Medium
- Medium Large
- Large
- Extra Large
- Extra Extra Large
- Wide
- Extra Wide

Note: You cannot resize List reports. List reports are auto-sized.

View Details

Brings up a window containing the following report details:
- Report Name
- Report Description
- Run By
- Run Date
- Filter Name
- Filter Description
- Filter Criteria
- Target

Change Filter >

Displays a list of available filters you can use in the current report. When you select a new filter, the report is re-run with that filter.

Save Report

Saves the report for archiving or viewing at a later date. To view saved output, navigate to the Report List page and click the Report History button.

Export >

Exports the current report output to the selected file format

- Excel
- PDF (Gantt only)

For more information, see Exporting report data.


Brings up the PPM Pro help in a separate window.


Report container toolbar






Maximizes the container and resizes the output based on the window size. You can restore the container to the previous size using the Restore icon.



If the report is standalone (not part of a dashboard), closes the container. To view the report again, navigate to the Reports List page, click Report History, select the report output and click View.

If the report is part of a dashboard, the report contains closes but the dashboard remains open. To view the closed report, choose Menu > Refresh > Redraw.



Display download menu for Pie, Column, or Bubble charts.