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Improved Lookup List Admin Facility

The Admin/Setup/Lookup Lists page has been revamped.

Please note the following:

  • The Roles section has been moved from the Admin/Setup/Lookup Lists page and given its own section under Admin/Organization/Roles.
  • Status Lists have been included in the Lookup List interface,so there is only one section now: Admin/Setup/Lookup Lists.
  • The Implied Status list now shows up in the Lookup Lists grid, and its values can be configured with colors/icons
  • When creating request fields that point to standard Lookup Lists or Status Lists, use the LL Lookup and LL Status subtype IDs as usual. If pointing to a user-defined lookup list, you'll have to use the ID Inspector to grab the ID of the lists. See About the ID Inspector.
Brief Highlights - see About Status and Lookup Lists for more information

You can choose colors and icons to associate with list values. The order in which the list values appear reflects their order in the lookup list. You can reorder the list by dragging the rows into the desired order, or by selecting a row and clicking Move Up or Move down. In addition, under the Actions menu are additional ordering options: Reoder Ascending (A-Z), Reorder Descending (Z-A).


When you configure your report definition, if you include list values you will have two additional fields to configure:  


Here are examples of each Display Data As selection:

Value Only value_only.png 
Value on top of Color value_top_color.png
Colored Value colored_value.png
Color Only color_only.png
Icon Only icon_only.png
Colored Icon colored_icon.png