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Predictive Portfolio Analysis

Welcome to PPA!

The PPM Pro Predictive Portfolio Analysis (PPA) solution is powered by a predictive engine that does the heavy lifting of analyzing and identifying the most efficient and cost-effective project mix, given an organization’s resource and staff constraints. Simply select the portfolio you want to optimize, select a few parameters and let the predictive engine predict the most accurate plan with the highest likelihood of success, while respecting project dependencies. The engine will automatically choose the highest value projects and applications for you to focus on and select the best resources to get them done—all within your organization’s financial and resource constraints.

You can plan and replan your portfolio quickly by automatically generating different scenarios and make the necessary adjustments. PPA removes the guesswork of who is available and when to take on new work and increases the accuracy of your plan by focusing what you can actually get done.

Note that the PPA system respects project dependencies, and will make sure predecessor projects are scheduled prior to successor projects. The engine will also consider the score of the entire set of dependent projects during the scheduling process.

After all the number crunching, PPA displays your results in a number of graphic visualizations. These different output formats give you the tools you need to share and collaborate with other stakeholders.

PPA Rights

PPA functionality is available to users in the following groups:

  • Organization

  • Resource

  • Capacity & Demand 

Before You Begin

Make sure the following is in place:

  • Determine the project field you want to use for your optimization field

  • Ensure that the projects you are evaluating use the optimization field

  • The projects must have role demand (allocations do not have to be staffed)

  • Be aware that there is a 250 project/500 resource limit

Get Started

PPA is an optional feature. If your organization has PPA and you have the appropriate rights, you will see either a PPA navigation label or icon in the PPM Pro toolbar. Please contact your Customer Service Manager for more information.

To get started, you do the following: