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Project-Level Finance Settings

There are 2 project-level fields you can use to override global finance settings regarding how expenses are handled:

  • Treat all finances as operational expenses - If you have configured your global finance settings to use different rates for operational and capitalizeable expenses, you can override that setting for a project by enabled this setting. If you enable this settings, the Allow % Capitalization of Allocations setting field is irrelevant and becomes inactive.

  • Allow % Capitalization of Allocations - Enable this setting to put the "% Capitalized" field on staffing allocations for the current project, allowing you to specify the percentage of the allocation to use the CapEx rate. Note that this field is available only when Internal Rates is enabled. See One Rate vs Two Rates for more information.

If you want to use these fields and don't see them on your project screens, ask your PPM Pro administrator to add them.