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About Events and Working Hours

Calendars are comprised of events and working hours. Child calendars inherit the events and working hours of their base calendar.

Working Hours

Working hours specify the capacity per day/week for an Organization, Project, or Resource. Project and resource calendars inherit the working hours defined in their base calendar, and can override the working days/hours of their base calendar.

You can set working hours on any day of the week, including weekends. Working hours can be non-contiguous.

When you create a new Organization calendar, the working hours are set to those on the default Organization calendar.

See Setting Working Hours for more information.


Events are one-time or recurring activities that you can add to any calendar. You can create events for holidays, meetings, personal days, vacations, work meetings, and non-working hour activities, such as holiday parties. Events can affect capacity and project scheduling in different ways, depending on the calendar to which they are added.

  • Project calendar events and project base calendar events will impact the scheduling of a task. Task dates nor resource allocations will schedule on dates/times of working events and will not schedule on project calendar dates/times of non-working events. If you do not want calendar events to impact a task's schedule dates you can create a manually scheduled task.

  • When allocating a resource or role to the project, the allocation will distribute the allocated hours using the project calendar events and the project’s base calendar events. In resource planning mode, you can manually contour allocations on to the days of non-working events.

  • Resource calendar events will not impact the scheduling of a task or allocations on a project.

  • If a project is scheduled and an event is added or removed from a base calendar, an alert will be sent to the project owner regarding the change to the base calendar. No changes will be made to the project schedule until the project owner chooses to reschedule the project.

See Creating Events for more information.