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PPM Pro Q&As from October 2021 Release Webinar

Question Answer

Regarding grid customizations using the "Display Data As" feature - are displayed for everyone?


Admin would add colors or icons in look ups, for users to have options available?

No, the customizations are user-level preferences. We have an enhancement request (though it is likely feature-sized so will have to see if we can squeeze it onto the roadmap) to allow admins to set the customizations globally. Also note that if you clear local preferences, any customizations you made will be wiped out.

Admins can create lookup lists and configure with colors and icons. The end user can control what parts of this they will use on their grids.

For Capacity & Demand Time Series reports, how do I access lower level fields - it seems like some fields are missing. For Capacity and Demand reports, you must select the time series fields from the top level, and then you will see a list of the available time series fields. See Capacity and Demand Reporting for the list of available fields.
Can you add totals at the bottom of the monthly columns of a report that replicates the Resource Workbench? Yes, showed in demo. The recording will be posted to soon and can be found here: 2021 New Features and Release Notes.
Can we use Time Series report for timesheet entry data?

Yes. Pick Timehseet Entry as your Topic, and then choose Speciality > Time Series and the Type >  List:Time Series.

Or, you can use Crosstab: Time Series as well. See Timesheet Entries by Project-Task-Resource.

Do the display as background colors also carry through if printed to pdf or browser print is performed?  How about export to excel? Yes, colors are carried through. Note that if you are not seeing colors when exporting to PDF, please check that the browser's "Show Background Colors" setting (or similarly named setting, depending on browser) is enabled.

If the person is terminated, would we normally see a line through their name on the resource report?

In Home > Resources, when the user is terminated it automatically shows 'No Capacity'. Is there a similar solution in reporting?

No, the report always displays the values of the relevant fields - we only render strikethroughs and can show 'No Capacity' text instead of a number in the UI.
Will we receive a copy of the recording to review? Yes! Coming soon to your email, and will also be posted on New Features and Release Notes.
FYI some new report recipes that were shown in today's session: