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Planview Customer Success Center

May 19, 2017 - Patch #2

Innotas is scheduling a patch release for Friday May 26, 2017 at 10pm PST to address the following regressions:

Function Area ID Release Note Descriptions

Cap & Demand

1595831675 1595831591 1745088040 1745088073 1745088724 1745088953 1745090222

Fixed. Error message no longer appears when running Capacity & Demand reports with exactly one detail item selected under "Capacity", "Schedule", and/or "Allocation".

Finances, Project

1745088645 1745090183 1745088679

Fixed. In projects using task-level resource planning mode, project costs are correctly computed when there are multiple task schedules on a task estimate.


1595742250 1745096973

Fixed. (Only applicable to users who have opted-in to use profile-based permissions for projects.) Reports using Category=Scoring render correctly without producing an error.


1745094059 1745089887 1745089989 1745094892

Fixed. Scheduled hours and HTC now roll up from tasks to summary tasks correctlyTimesheet


1595831874 1745088302 1595831838

Fixed. Time managers can reject timesheets from the Manage Time & Expense/Resource Time grid using the context (right-click) menu, or they can open the resource's timesheet and reject the timesheet from the timesheet window.Wha